’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Lima Reveals Her New ‘Body Modification’

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“90 Day Fiance” star Larissa Lima revealed to her Instagram fans on Thursday that she has undergone the cosmetic procedure to remove her tattoos. Her fans loved her tattoos and they were surprised with this step taken by the TLC star.

Larissa underwent multiple cosmetic procedures in the last few years. Being an adult content writer, she has to keep herself always in proper shape. Hence she prefers to keep modifying her body parts to remain camera-ready and in demand in the industry.

The 34-year-old Brazilian model always looks for opportunities to remain in the limelight. After being removed from the TLC show, she claimed that she’s making $40K per month through her OnlyFans Instagram account.

The Lengthy Process of Removing Tattoos

Larissa has large tattoos on her bicep, inner forearm, ribs, and hips. “I’m erasing all my visible tattoos, via laser, which is a lengthy process of two year or more,” the TLC star captioned a photo of her biceps on her private Instagram account.

“No regrets for getting them in the first place, I just want my skin free of ink and a bit low-key,” she explained to her fans. Larissa believed that tattoos look good on her, however, the time has come to remove them.

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In the later slides, she explained the entire process of tattoo removal to her fans. She explained that she couldn’t go through with treatments “just with topical numbing cream”. Tattoo removal from her upper arm sounded like a painful procedure. She needed multiple injections to make the area numb before proceeding with the final laser treatment.

She shared the film of the painful process and the final results after the procedure was completed. While the fans watched the video, Stick Figure’s song “Burn the Night” played in the background.

The Past Surgeries

The ‘’Queen’’ of body modifications had gone under the knife even in the past and many of her fans found it disgusting. One of her fans wrote on YouTube “Larissa was so beautiful without the surgery it so sad to see her changing into a barbie doll.”

Another wondered, “I’m surprised Larissa has all this money to get surgeries but not enough money to get her own place or to send her kids from the Brazil over to America???”

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Larissa was first introduced to fans on Season 6 of “90 Day Fiance” with her ex-husband, Colt Johnson. Larissa always wanted to live and breathe her American dream. She uprooted her life from Brazil and got married to Las Vegas native Colt Johnson in June 2018, but their marriage didn’t last long. Finally, the couple got divorced in April 2019.

Stay in tune with all the fresh updates about “90 Day Fiance” here. In the comments section below, please let us know what you thought about Larissa’s obsession with cosmetic surgeries.

’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Lima Reveals Her New 'Body Modification'

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  1. she is using these men to get what she wants…plastics surgery.. tummy tuck ..B–BS nose all of it and these guys are so stupid to do this cause she dont care for them…what happen to her going to jail

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