’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Agrees To Get Surgery As Per Angela

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Angela Deem never failed to surprise her fans and “Happily Ever After? Tell-All bonus clip” was no exception. In this bonus clip which was aired on Sunday, she claimed that her husband Michael Ilesanmi is going to be under the knife soon.

The 55-year-old Georgia resident explained that Michael will get his privates enlarged soon. Angela lost more than 100 pounds through her gastric sleeve surgery and liposuction. She flaunted her slimmer self and augmented breasts in the video.

Angela’s Confession

A week after the “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Tell All” drama where Angela bared her breasts to the camera and aunt Lydia and Michael on a video call, TLC revealed this bonus scene. Apparently, Angela was speaking with her daughter Skyla Deem while smoking after the sensational scene. She walked out of the Tell-All shoot twice in that episode.

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In this video clip, she told Skyla that she doesn’t want to stay with Michael. She continued, “well, pucker up and kiss my ass bye ‘cause I’m gone.”

She added further, “and I love his penis, but the fraud he is, he wouldn’t love my little boobs.” It looked like now since Michael made him go through the surgery, she too wants to take revenge. Angela demanded, “his penis is fine but he’s gonna go get an extension, and that’s it.”

She also stated, “you want me to put my boobs back in? You will get a ******* extension. How does it feel?” Angela was also upset with the fact that Michael’s aunt Lydia wanted him to marry a Nigerian woman. She also admitted that since she was married to Michael in Nigeria, that marriage is not valid in the US.

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Angela had confessed earlier that Michael had body-shamed her. Even she had made fun of his genitalia in front of the viewers on national television in the past.

Fans Reacted

One of the fans put the video clip on Reddit’s 90dayFiancéuncensored. One follower commented, “She thinks she only has “15-20 years left” but she even entertained the idea of a baby?! Bringing a whole ass human in this world just to be there for it until middle/maybe high school?? WTF.”

While the fans have had enough of this golden girl, they definitely do not want to go through another of Angela’s antics.

Even though some of the fans support her for losing weight and trying to remain healthy at an advanced age, most of the fans have dismissed her after she talked about her and Michael’s plans to have a child through IVF. There was a huge uproar from the fans after the episode when Angela tried to bare her breasts. Many fans loudly voiced it on various social media platforms that “She is trash” and TLC should cancel her.

Stay in tune with all the fresh updates about “90 Day Fiance” here. In the comments section below, please let us know what you thought about Angela’s new proposition.

90 day fiance angela deem

9 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Agrees To Get Surgery As Per Angela”

  1. Please take this trash off this show or any show. How can a channel allow such a vulgar
    Woman. I refuse to watch any part of the show with her in it and I will not buy any product that sponsors her show. I will write to every sponsor and tell them so. Please take her off!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Tina, JLL, and Elizabeth. It is amazing to read everything you guys write. As a writer of this article, I feel enlightened.

  3. Angela is disgusting trash. What more can you say. TLC please cancel her off the show. We always have to watch her act over dramatic. Nobody cares to see all drama. Besides Michel is using her for a green card , why would any man take her abuse. No one here in America would put up with a women like angela no man. But Micheal desperately still wanting to come to the USA after everything Angela has done even her double standards ways . Not falling for it Michael. She can’t even give you a baby ….What are you holding on to and old lady full of wrinkles.

  4. I like Angela yes she has a very short fuse. But in my opiniond she comes off as having a very hard life. God only knows the way she grew up. She is divorced raised her kids and now she is raising her grandchildren. She took care of her mother. She even got a job at the place her mother was so she could see her and be sure she got the right care. Michael puts her in the middle. He doesn’t discuss their problems but instead runs to his friends and his aunt. When they talk on the phone he wants her to talk dirty and have phone sex. He should be bending over backward to be a husband. He needs to quit acting like a sixteen horny idiot.
    She really loves him and he makes her so happy. But he doesn’t want to contribute to making their marriage strong. Early on he promised Angela she would be the only wife yet he says nothing when his aunt wants him to marry another.
    Its no wonder Angela goes off the deep end. What she needs is support and to get a therapist that she can talk to and help her.

  5. Angela has different standards of behavior for herself than she does Michael, she doesn’t want him to do a single thing with his friends. Yet she can go off to a birthday party for her surgeon she has a massive crush on! She’s vulgar, I never want to have to see her have bathtub sex again. She’s gross! There’s a difference in entertainment and down right slingin trash!

  6. She needs to be canceled off the show. She does not act like a lady. She is rude, has no etiquette, no manners, no respect for herself and Michael. At her age showing her breasts to a respectable woman is disrespectful in the Black culture esp. Africans and other Islands in the Caribbean..we are thought to respect our elders. She would never fit in. Michael can find a decent African Queen in his country. She could never walk in our shoes.

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