’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Accuses Karine of Infidelity: Demands DNA Test For The Sons

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“90 Day Fiance” Paul and Karine (née Martins) Staehle are planning to participate in another TV show in order to get the DNA of their sons tested.

Paul has always been suspicious that Pierre and Ethan are not his biological sons. “The Maury Povich Show” will come to their rescue to help them out of this situation. According to Paul, his wife Karine has cheated on him several times and there is a huge possibility that he is raising someone else’s children.

During the “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” Season 2 “Tell-All”, when Karine was pregnant with the first son, Paul had expressed his desire to get a DNA test conducted on the unborn fetus.

Karen’s Infidelity

The fans found Paul’s gesture cruel and the couple welcomed their first child, Pierre, in March 2019. In February 2021, when the couple welcomed their second son, Ethan, Paul again raised the same suspicion.

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He reached out to his Instagram OnlyFans account during a live session and expressed his desire to conduct a paternity test on both sons. He was supposed to share the results with his fans in March 2021, but the fans kept waiting.

The Maury Povich Show

“The Maury Povich Show” is a talk show that discusses complex family issues. Paul wanted to reach out to the show mediators to help him sort out his family issues. He shared a screenshot of his conversation in which the people from Maury’s show regarding the DNA test. Paul wrote, “Time to get all this DNA stuff behind us once and for all.”

However, the fans felt that Paul has a suspicious nature and he is putting Karine through hell. Pierre looks very similar to his father Paul and the fans believe that both the sons belong to Paul.

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A fan wrote on his Instagram account, The level of toxicity in this relationship is just too much. May God help them.” Another fan wrote, “If my husband took me on Maury to get a DNA test it would be over.” A user chimed in, “Karine, you deserve it better. Leave him and live your best life till you find MR RIGHT.”

The Flashback

In April this year, a picture of Karine and her alleged boyfriend, Jason, has surfaced on social media. Jason has a lengthy charge sheet, including terrorist threats. In 2020, Karine ran away from Paul’s house to live with a fan and translator. She was fed up with Paul’s domestic violence and sexual assaults.

Later Karine apologized to Paul and admitted that she was lying. The accusations she levied on Paul were incorrect. Kentucky native Paul was worried about his well-being as he suspected that Karine’s translator boyfriend was conspiring to get him killed.

However, if we check Paul’s current IG account, about two months back, he posted a picture with both the sons and Karine. They looked quite happy together.

In November 2020, TLC decided to fire the “90 Day Fiance” stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins after they accused each other of domestic violence.

Stay in tune with all the fresh updates about “90 Day Fiance” here. In the comments section below, please let us know if you think Paul should go ahead with the DNA tests in public and embarrass his wife.

’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Accuses Karine of Infidelity: Demands DNA Test For The Sons

3 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Paul Accuses Karine of Infidelity: Demands DNA Test For The Sons”

  1. I believe that paul should get a DNA done because he feels like the kids are not his hes not cruel but its in his right .

  2. Sunia Mukherjee

    Why does Paul have to wash his dirty laundry in public? He can get a DNA test in private and if the children don’t belong to him, he should file for a divorce. Reality shows are just drama, nothing else.

  3. Karine…drop that loser and find a grown up ( man ).No sense in being away from your family and live in misery.

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