’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Receives Backlash For Sharing 'Shocking News' About Angela

’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Receives Backlash For Sharing ‘Shocking News’ About Angela

“90 Day Fiance” Nicole Nafziger recently confused the fans of Instagram by posting a picture of her co-star Angela Deem lying on a hospital bed. Apparently, the picture was not of Angela, and Nicole was just using her Instagram fan following for a clickbait post.

The misleading Instagram Story had the text “? for Angela ?” and the hashtag “#ShockingNews” along with a swipe-up link.

The Instagram Fans React

The IG fans of the show were concerned about Angela’s health condition because the picture looked similar to that of the Georgian meemaw. Later on, it was revealed that the picture was of another woman on a hospital bed lighting a cigarette.

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Some fans were worried because if a patient lights a cigarette on a hospital bed, and is connected to an oxygen cylinder, there might be a fire hazard.

Someone else also pointed out that it might have been a photoshopped picture of Angela as the same photo was circulated on social media as a meme for the last few months. “I just don’t know how none of the other cast members don’t call her out for posting this crazy *** clickbait,” stated one fan on IG.

Meanwhile, the swipe-up link shared by Nicole was not connected to the woman on the hospital bed. The link connected to an article about Angela storming off the “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” reunion set twice after baring her breasts.

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The fans felt that after her break up with Moroccan man Azan Tefou, aka Hassan M’Raouni, Nicole has lost her mind. The couple was introduced during Season 4 of “90 Day Fiance” in 2016. They had met on a dating app. The couple announced their split in July 2021 after being in a relationship for five years.

Florida resident Nicole also confused the Instagram fans in the past spreading rumors of Azan’s death. She had posted a clickbait in the past showing Azan with her and the word “RIP” on it. However, currently, if you check her Instagram account which has over 682,000 followers, the original post is not visible. It seems that she took it off after facing the wrath of her fans. In the past, Nicole was caught posting about being pregnant when she wasn’t.

The couple appeared in three seasons of the TLC show. Nicole was stuck in Morocco during the pandemic for five months and returned to the US on August 9, 2020.

She spent five months away from her six-year-old daughter May while visiting her fiancé Azan. The 27-year-old Nicole is a single mother and earns her living as a gamer. She was a coffee server/barista in the past and now takes the help of these click baits for earning her living.

Reddit Fans Condemned Nicole

A user on Reddit shared a screenshot of the Story and asked, “What’s wrong with Nicole? Do you want me to list alphabetically or in the order I noticed?” Another fan wrote, “Let me give a start: Immature, irresponsible, selfish, delusional and abusive.”

Even in the past, Nicole drew a lot of flak from fans for promoting weight loss products that supposedly didn’t work.

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However, at the same time, due to her fame for the TLC show, Nicole did some good deeds too. One of her previous posts showed her promoting quilts put together by her mother and her friends. She claimed that the quilts were going to be auctioned off for a charity and the money collected will be put to good use.  The defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need will be benefitted from the money collected during the auction.

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  1. This is “Disgusting.” How can someone put a claickbait with such a serious matter. People can pull the legs of each other, but this is grosse.

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