’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Lima Talks About Angela Deem After Video Gets Viral

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Santos Lima had a controversial response when she was asked for her opinion on the cancellation of Angela Deem and Happily Ever After? Tell-All.

Larissa Lima didn’t shy away from expressing her opinion on Angela Deem flashing the cameras during the season 6 Tell-All of Happily Ever After. After the clip from the upcoming part 1 reunion of HEA surfaced, a 90 Day Fiancé blogger @morebiggy shared a meme of Larissa Lima “the influencer” and Angie as “the influenced.” 

Angela has shown off her breasts on TV before. The reality TV star revealed her breasts on TV just after getting her plastic surgery, per ScreenRant. “Nah others cast members were there way before me and doing p-rn and everything else.” She went on to add that meemaw “can’t be blamed,” Larissa responded to the meme. 

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the 34-year-old Brazilian native took to her Instagram stories recently. She claimed that some of her 751k and more followers were asking her opinion. “About the tell all and the cancelation of Angela,” she said.

Larissa Lima IG Stories
TLC fired her from the franchise after a scandalous cam show. Larissa released a long statement mocking fans for supporting TLC. “When I got ‘break’ for a network for show my T!ts one time deal on c-ms-da you guys support the decision of the company.” 

“No never had a contract or anything more than that everytime that has a debate about it some employee come to justify saying ‘she signed a contract’ give me a break.” 

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“I’m wishing more t!ts and the things go down way more I’m here for that!”  Let the woman show what she wants.” Larissa claimed that there are still some “people (who) have been doing p@rn” who have not been canceled.

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