‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believes Kody Brown’s Grown More Extreme & Cult Leader-Ish

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“Sister Wives” fans noticed that Kody Brown has become more extreme over the period of time. He is not only controlling his wives but also his kids, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the viewers took to Reddit over the weekend to question, “Did anyone else catch this? It sounded like he’s growing more and more cult leader-ish as he ages, and it’s causing the downfall of the family. What do you think is behind his growing extremism/absolutism?”

Janelle saying Kody has gotten more extreme and absolute as time goes on from TLCsisterwives

One of the fans commented, “Over-the-counter testosterone supplements… makes the users much more aggressive. It’s marketed very heavily to men in [Kody’s] age group.”

Another fan agreed and wrote, “I also believe he is showing the signs of being on Testosterone Replacement Therapy it is likely prescribed by a doctor or purchased on the black market. His aggression is definitely something I’ve seen with individuals on TRT. He also is much more into physical fitness than in the early years of the show. Kody is not a young man anymore and yet he seems to be getting more physically fit which would be much more difficult at his age without TRT.”

One of the users noted Robyn’s body language and supported Christine, “I think I want to punch him. ” abandonment? Take that word out right now?” Who acts like that getting interviewed? Robyn getting guilty her body language next week she looks a little guilty. Go Christine!!!”

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“He 10000% is taking steroids. This is textbook roid rage. Your whole personality doesn’t change as you age. He’s a different person comparatively from the beginning of the series to now,” a user commented.

“YUP! combine that with losing control. He can’t just rely on the fact that raising 18 small kids is going to keep the wives in line, for no other reason than exhaustion,” another user noted. “Those kids are now grown and getting out, so the wives are left with time to reflect and act. He doesn’t like that, so he’s trying to tighten his hold.”

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What do you think about Kody’s behavior? Let us know in the comments section.

“Sister Wives” airs every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on the TLC network.

Sister Wives

2 thoughts on “‘Sister Wives’ Fans Believes Kody Brown’s Grown More Extreme & Cult Leader-Ish”

  1. Cody’s done with 3 wives,,,, it’s so darn clear he wants only Robin. Christine was smart to go on a make a new life for herself. I wish Janelle would do the same. He has robin in a million dollar house and janelle in an RV ,,,,whatever she could find to live with her kids,,,it’s as if he broke all his promises to his wives. Really, how many men can put up with 4 strong women. ? robin knows how to play that game.now I wish Mary would leave,, why stay and look like a fool? And how do they afford these huge homes , taxes, land and provide for family? Time to let that show go. Im done with it….not watching same old crap ever week just so Cody can collect that big paycheck…..

  2. When the Sister Wives program was preparing to launch, we saw a Papa Smurf kind of guy; loving, fair, and committed. His inexplicable transition to narcissistic, sociopathic behavior is disturbing. Denying affection and visitation to wives he deems non compliant is cruel. The line of women who hoped to be the 5th Mrs Brown has been replaced by ladies who call him a douche bag!

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