'90 Day Fiance': Mahogany Gives Incorrect Address To Ben; Fans React

’90 Day Fiance’: Mahogany Gives Incorrect Address To Ben; Fans React

“90 Day Fiance” official social media handle revealed that Mahogany gave an incorrect address to Ben, before leaving for Peru.

“Prior to leaving for Peru, Ben sent Mahogany flowers but according to the delivery service she did not provide him with her real address,” the official handle wrote on Twitter Monday. “She gave him the address of a nearby neighbor who accepted the delivery on her behalf.”

Fans took to the comments section to share their reaction.

“I highly doubt 90 Day Fiance would fly a camera crew down to Peru without knowing beforehand if the girl is going to show up or not so I’m pretty sure she’s going to show up otherwise they are idiots,” one of the fans wrote.

Another fan replied, “Sadly is HAS happened before… Remember Caesar was catfished by Maria (he traveled to Mexico and she never showed) & Yolanda and Williams (though she was much smarter & didn’t send him money but he did try to blackmail her with nudy pics)”

“Did you notice he didn’t have a single tear in his eyes? Woman facepalming He’s trying to get some acting/modeling gigs,” a fan tweeted. “So there’s a hint for him right there if that’s a so-called neighbor and he’s got that address then he can go door to door until he finds her most likely she will not show up at the airport,” another fan wrote.

What do you think about this incorrect address? Many more fans are presuming that this is the end of their relationship and she might never connect with him again. Let us know in the comments section. For more updates, keep checking this space.

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  1. He’s creepy and a total desperado. He doesn’t LISTEN to logic. How he’s a model, I can’t understand. A model moron . He has kids! How fkd up is that? He needs a flight to the looney bin, not Peru.

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