Conan O'Brien: Bad Things Happen When Brands Try To Be Too Controlling

Conan O’Brien Podcast: Bad Things Happen When Brands Try To Be Too Controlling

Conan O'Brien Podcast: Bad Things Happen When Brands Try To Be Too Controlling
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The best way to improve advertisement is by reducing the clutter and incorporating the brand into the content smoothly. The king of the late-night show, Conan O’Brien knows how to do that at his best. Conan has collaborated with brands for years now and Kevin Reilly, president of TBS, TNT, and truTV along with chief content offer for HBO Max asked, what works and what doesn’t.

Conan says that when brands try to be too controlling bad things happen.

At Xandr’s Relevance Conference, host of CONAN, said “If my fans, or people who consume whatever it is I’m making, feel I’ve been co-opted by the brand, I say you’re spending money but they’re going to resent you because they’re going to feel that you forced Conan to do something that isn’t in his wheelhouse, So they’re going to resent you. It’s going to be bad for me. It’s going to be bad for you. It’s not going to help people enjoy your brand more.”

Conan named the brand Snickers that gave him a lot of latitude by allowing him to write the way he wanted to incorporate the ad into his content. “They let us write how we’re going to incorporate Snickers. We can do it in a way that’s funny the way I like to be funny. Snickers is the punchline to it and it really works.” he added.

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Conan O’Brien has more than 1 million listeners to his podcast now. He says that his fans consider the best part about the podcast is when he tries to read his sponsors copy and butchers it.

“We have not had one person say, ‘We’re not paying for that ad’ They love it. They know that a lot of times people fast-forward through the ads. They don’t do that on our podcast because they want to hear what I do with this ad. They can hear me lose control and be unable to read the copy. It becomes its own happening.

Well, we completely agree with Conan that fast-forwarding his ads are next to impossible because sometimes the ads become funnier than the actual content.

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