Conan O'Brien's Top 5 Merchandise Every Fan Must Have!

Conan O’Brien’s Top 5 Merchandise Every Fan Must Have!

This list is for Conan O’brien ‘s hardcore fans (in which guys are equally included). Conan O’brien’s fans are multiplying day by day, thanks to YouTube Channel which is giving away almost 4000+ hours content.

Recently, Team Coco released a new video on 18th July where the beloved “Coco” (Conan O’Brien) himself showed off some cool stuff with his producer Jordan Schlansky (who has “various task“, of course). In case, if you have missed this awesome video do check out at the end of the list.

Mike Cherman, the founder of Chinatown Market and designer Gabi Levitt has come up with some fun merchandise for Conan O’Brien fans.

Chinatown Market has created some really cool merch collection in collaboration with Team Coco. Which makes me drive to make a list of Conan’s top attractive merchandise which is hard to resist for any fan to buy. Let’s have a look!

#1 – The Cool Jacket

How can one not get this “Cool” jacket which has Conan’s Face print on the back with 2 front welt pockets and chest pocket with zipper on the front?

Conan O'Brien's Top 5 Merchandise Every Fan Must Have!

   Price: $89.00

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#2 – The Conan Anime Body Pillow

This one is my personal favorite.
You: “Why?”
Me: “Because I am a girl (Ahem! Ahem!). Period.”

Price: $100.00

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#3 – Conan Tuxedo Phone Case

While exploring Conan’s official website I came across this lovely duo on the back of the mobile cover. Being a fan, we do want to discuss our favorites with our friends and family, and what could be better than putting them on your mobile cover and let the “Future Conan- Jordan Fans” ask “Hey, who are they”?

Price: $34.95

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#4 – Conan Face White Mug

Addicted to Conan Videos? How about watching them in his animated face mug?

Price: $14.95

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#5 – Conan Neon T-Shirt

Is the jacket too over the top for you? Grab this cotton T-shirt!

Price: $40.00

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So, this was my top 5 merchandise. Let me know in the comments below if I have missed any important or your favorite merchandise. If you are Conan’s fan and want to contribute any article related to Conan then feel free to connect with me on my Instagram account: @SanaKhanGeek.

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