Eating Places Reviews: Glass House Lounge

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One of the many perks of being friends with a food blogger includes getting a chance to visiting restaurants, cafes, and other amazing eating places, and trying the flavors of the lip-smacking food available on their menu. On the downside, you might just end up visiting a restaurant that disappoints in nearly every aspect — and that’s exactly what happened this Friday when we visited the Glass House Lounge in Malad.

Without breaking the tradition of visiting a different place for dinner every weekend, and my friend Sana Khan, who runs a YouTube channel and is a food blogger decided to checkout Glass Door after searching for a few nearby restaurants on Zomato. Given that the place offered 1+1 on food, and it looked simply awe-inspiring in the pictures, we decided to check it out.

First impression

We have been to places like the Aries Cafe (now closed permanently) that makes you rethink your decision to spend an evening there. This second thought can be attributed to the shady ambiance. Glass House is located on the New Link Road, Malad West; right above Greens Veg Restaurant so we expected it to be easily visible from the road, but that wasn’t the case.

We checked with the security guard at the gate, who guided us to a poorly-lit entrance. We noticed Glass House has specific guidelines for entry, which made a lot of sense. Much to our relief, the place turned out to be simply amazing, with loud music and good ambiance (we will talk about in the next section).


Much to our delight, Glass Door turned out to be quite an amazing place in terms of ambiance. Even on a Friday evening, we could manage to find a place for us.

The description on Zomato indicated that Glass Door has a smoking area so we decided to go for a smoke. When inquired, we were led to a terrace where we could smoke. That wasn’t what I was expecting since all other restaurants (with smoking zones) we have been to have a dedicated area where you could go and smoke, but this was the building terrace.

The sitting arrangement was decent; however, the service was quite disappointing. Let’s talk about it in the next section.


My food blogger friend uses her Zomato Gold for 1+1 on food and drinks, but when she asked the server if she could unlock it for use, the server was completely clueless about whether they accept it or not. After initially denying a few times, and insisting that we place the order anyway, he agreed to call his manager.

According to the manager, they do not accept Zomato Gold after 8:00 pm on weekends as it gets too hectic for the person generating the bill to keep a track of the discounts. When my friend clarified that we would rather leave if they didn’t accept Zomato Gold, the manager said he’d let us use it since there were fewer people than usual due to Navratri.

Paying our bill was nothing short of an irritating experience. After we finally managed to grab the attention of one of the servers and asked him to get the bill, he came without the debit/credit machine. When we asked him to get the machine so that we could pay using our card, he went away and someone arrived after a few minutes with the machine.

The man operating the machine took quite a few seconds looking at the bill and trying to figure out something neither of us could conceive. Once he had done his thinking ritual, he finally took the card and swiped it. That concluded our bad experience with the service.


First off, the service is super sluggish. They took quite a while to even come and give us water. Sana had to call the server to get us water. She mentioned we want regular water, but he still got us mineral water, but since we didn’t want to wait for a few more minutes for water, we took the mineral water bottle (for which we paid 50 INR). Eating Places¬†

Based on our experience with the service so far, we decided not to experiment in terms of food and ordered a couple of Chinese dishes including chicken Hakka noodles and chicken Manchurian gravy with fried rice. Well, the below-average service experience continued as it seemed to take forever for our order to reach our table.

Both the noodles, as well as the Chinese fried rice didn’t taste any better than what we can get on the street side. The fried rice was drenched in oil and offered nothing for our taste-buds to relish.


We have been to restaurants that offer steeply-priced starters and main courses, but they justify the steep price tags by offering delicious food, which wasn’t the case with Glass House. Without the Zomato Gold, we would have ended up paying about 1,000 INR for food that left nothing but a bad taste in the mouth. Thankfully, we had to pay 620 INR (which seemed a lot for such below-average tasting food). Eating Places

Overall experience

My friend went to use the washroom and told me that it was extremely dirty. A washroom is a place that every restaurant, big or small tries to keep as clean as possible. Regrettably, that wasn’t the case here.

There are no prizes for guessing that we will neither be visiting the place ourselves nor recommending it to our friends. It was a highly disappointing experience. For restaurant reviews and other amazing food-related content, subscribe to WittyScoop and follow her on Instagram. Eating Places

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Glass House Lounge

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