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’90 Day Fiance’: Yara Zaya Shares Hateful Words A Fan Sent Her On IG

Reality TV show stars are usually subject to a lot of criticism and insults from their social media followers, and Yara Zaya is no exception. The 90 Day Fiance star recently shared a slew of disturbing messages she has received from trolls.

It is no secret that Yara Zaya has been called names, but her fans still have no idea about the kind of hate she receives on social media platforms. She has been mom-shamed in the past. She recently received a slew of disturbing messages from a misguided fan, per ScreenRant. This time, the reality TV star decided to share it with her followers to give them an idea of the kind of hate she receives on a regular basis.

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Yara’s critics accuse her of been bratty and lazy. She recently shared a hateful message from a fan on her Instagram Stories. The fan called her “worse than Shrek,” and said that “Gwen and Jovi deserve so much more than you.” The fan even told her to “f*** off back to Ukraine you such a waste of space!!!!” 

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Yara was shocked and she commented on the message, “Wow, and she is mommy, just wow.” One of her fans sent her a message expressing their dismay that Yara receives so much hate. “They just get angry because they first hate it in themselves and not in me,” Yara responded. “And just now I understand that so many people. Unfortunately, do not know how to think. It would be great if everyone would have brains like you.”

Yara Zaya Fan Messages

90 Day Fiance cast members are often under intense scrutiny. Fans who do not agree with a cast member’s actions or attitude do not have a free pass to throw hate in their direction. However, Yara has some supporters who come to her defense when other viewers try to criticize her. 

5 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’: Yara Zaya Shares Hateful Words A Fan Sent Her On IG”

  1. i know that it is just a show…however i would like to know, how much the show is paying her to act like a obnoxious, sell centered mean person…NAG NAG Nag???thats what i want to know..because if shes really not like that, she she needs to cut the bull out..she getting alot of hate mall left and right…and that christmas dinner thing, for me, that was the last staw.

  2. maggie Medlin

    I don’t know if somethings in the show is script but I must say what you did to Jovi’s family was very rude.I personally would never visit again if my son’s wife told me to leave after driving for two hours to see my family.Also you knew what Jovi did for a living and you still decided to stay with him,please explain toe why you nag him so much about it?

  3. If you want hate mail to go away, you will have to go away.
    It’s part of the game, a big part. Noone loves you out there. They are out to get you, so just stop the reality shit.

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