’90 Day Fiance’: Mike’s Alleged Girlfriend Reveals Explicit Texts & Shocking Details About Him

The alleged girlfriend of 90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist appears to resent her boyfriend’s ex Natalie Mordovtseva. The reality TV star reportedly started dating a mystery woman, who recently divulged some shocking details about Mike’s relationship with Natalie.

Last month, Mike was spotted with a woman at the airport. While details about their relationship are still few and far between, this mystery blonde has leaked some explicit texts from Mike, along with some information regarding Mike and Natalie. If these recently surfaced details are anything to go by, Mike and Natalie’s relationship on the TLC show is largely fabricated.


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Mike was photographed with his ring earlier this year. He was accompanied by a mystery blonde woman at the airport. This mystery woman recently got in touch with a 90 Day Fiance fan Instagram account to share secrets about the show and some confidential texts. The woman says she dated Mike for three months, noting that, “the show is 100% fake right now. Maybe no[t] in the first few seasons but they have staged all of this.”

Speaking about the infamous hooker versus cooker debate, the woman said, “All of that stuff was staged and already had tension.” She went on to add, “I was told Natalie was over it. Tired. Wanted to sleep and was very ‘grumpy.’ Natalie not only left Mike in December BUT he told me she never slept in the same room as him and she barely would have any sexual [relations].” 

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The woman went on to share a few dirty texts that they exchanged while dating. “TLC made them both out to look bad. Honestly Mike is not a good person for a relationship,” the mystery woman said. She added that Natalie may be a “nut job,” but “Mike’s life is falling around him and he deserves it.” Aside from that, she claims that Mike had s-x with his platonic friend Sarah, despite claiming that they were just friends.

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