’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Accuse Yara Zaya Of Being Bratty And Rude

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90 Day Fiance viewers do not shy away from criticizing popular cast members or hesitate to call them out for their inappropriate behavior. Yara Zaya is the latest cast member to draw flak for her rude behavior on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

TLC viewers have previously supported Yara, but they have now labeled her rude and bratty due to her behavior on HEA. Yara is struggling to adjust to her husband Jovi Dufren’s traveling due to his job in underwater mechanics.

While some viewers think it is hard for a mom to adjust to parenthood when her husband is usually unavailable, others believe she needs to get rid of her bratty attitude and appreciate her in-laws. Jovi’s mother Gwen has been an amazing mother-in-law to Yara.

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She cared for Yara and baby Mylah when Yara tested positive for COVID-19. Gwen and her mother even packed up the couple’s apartment as Yara moved on Sunday night’s episode, while Jovi was once again delayed for work.

However, Yara has refrained from accepting help from Gwen. One TLC viewer called Yara out on Reddit in a post titled, “Anybody else think Yara is so much bratty and rude?” 

Yara Zaya Reddit

“Idk if it has anything to do with culture but I find her to be stark, cold and basically just rude. Its not only a lack of manners, it’s her disrespectful, whiny tone and the way she acts entitled, holding up her cup or telling Gwen she’s poor because of her computer. She often insults Jovi’s mom who is so kind and helpful to her. It’s hard to watch,” the user wrote.

Others agreed that Yara mistreated Gwen and made a rude comment about her old laptop. “I think she’s so rude and entitled. I do not get why this sub loves her so much. Everyone says that she’s just direct and that’s how Eastern Europeans speak, but that’s not the issue. The stuff she says is mean spirited. And she’s sooo materialistic,” another commenter wrote.

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Yara was recently slammed for showing off a wealthy lifestyle on Instagram that does not coincide with the personality she presents on TLC. “I cannot stand Yara. She is rude, entitled, shallow and vain. Miss Gwen should have snatched her computer back,” another fan wrote,


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Some viewers felt Yara’s attitude is similar to Jovi’s. “She’s a jerk and Jovi is a fitting partner for her,” another commenter added. Gwen was lauded for being the best person in the situation. 

90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya IG

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