xQc Counter Claims at Olympic Committee over Twitch DMCA ban

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xQc, in addition to being one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, is also no strangers to copyright strikes. The variety streamer, who is the daily source of entertainment for thousands of fans across the globe, has a long history with DMCA claims.

His recent two-week ban was the fourth in this streaming career. The Overwatch League player xQc has been banned from the Twitch platform for two days this time. He got a live copyright claim when he showed a bit of the Tokyo Olympics on his stream.

The player, who is known for being a controversial figure in the gaming community, tweeted out his disappointment with the decision. He felt immense disappointment and was convinced that he had been wronged. He felt two days of the ban was too harsh a penalty for such a tiny violation.

The Olympic Committee’s decision to ban xQc from Twitch comes just one day after he criticized the committee’s decision to ban him for wearing a shirt that read “LGBTs Stay Strong” during an Olympic ceremony. The ban prevents him from playing any video games on his channel and making money via donations and sponsorships.

The King Comes Back: The Story Continues

With his fans going insane in the chat, as xQc fired up his homecoming stream. Therefore, he made everything clear about the controversy. The streamer decided to talk in great detail about his ordeal. xQc described how he felt that he had been wronged by the people at the DMCA.

“Normally, [DMCA] strikes don’t get you banned,” he clarified, “but because it was a live strike, they banned [me].” He then explained that while DMCA-related bans normally last 24 hours, “this suspension dragged on for two days, which raised some red flags for the streamer.”

He went on to add that he felt they had no grounds behind the copyright claim. Moreover, he mentioned that what he showed falls under fair use. Meaning that the content he was showing had value addition and was transformative. The Canadian streamer immediately took the matter up with his legal team.

“But then I looked at it, and I talked to my team, and was like ‘Can you do anything about this?’ [because] two days sounds like a crazy amount of time [to be banned] for this,” xQc explained.

What The Future Holds For xQc And Twitch?

Even though xQc and his team have gone through all the legal procedures. In addition, they believe that they have a damn fine case. The streamer also mentioned that he is also scared. Adding that he knows this situation can go either way depending on how they interpret the way. But he seemed his usual excited and yet anxious as he always does.

And for us fans of these streams, either way, it’s just more content incoming for us! For more exciting and trending esports stories keep an eye out on this space!

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xQc Counter Claims at Olympic Committee over Twitch DMCA ban

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