’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jovi Receives Backlash On New IG Post Feat. Mylah

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“90 Day Fiance” star Jovi Dufren was in the spotlight again for the wrong reasons. Jovi put a picture with his daughter Mylah basking in the Miami beach. However, the fans thought that he needs to be a responsible father.

The caption by Jovi on Instagram said, “Baby girl enjoying her time on the beach. She’s already traveled to 6 states, with so much more to come in her future. I’m so excited for her to see the world.”

The fans feel that Jovi is living his bachelor life and is wasting money on alcohol and strippers. Instead, he needs to be a man and take care of his daughter Mylah and wife Yara.

Jovi was topless and in the hot sun, he made the baby sit close to him. The fans feel the Jovi has a perfect life with a high-paying job, a gorgeous wife Yara, and a cute daughter Mylah. He needs to put his act together and become a responsible father and husband.


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One of the fans wrote in the comments section, “Please think of your baby girl before you give any more cash to exploited strippers. Sad.” Another chimed, ‘’ Watched the show last night I love you guys but what you did Jovi was not very nice you can still have fun but you’re a dad and you’re married now I don’t blame Yara for getting upset.’’

Even though Yara keeps on complaining about Jovi in the recent episodes, she keeps on putting happy pictures of the couple along with the daughter on Instagram. Some fans feel that the couple is actually happy, but they are just creating this drama for the TLC show.

The fans have a lot of respect for Jovi’s mother Gwen. Fans in all the social media sites talked about her being composed and sensible. Jovi took his mother to their recent vacation to Miami so that she can babysit Mylah. The couple wanted to spend some romantic time together, and hence decided on this kind of an arrangement.

Yara was happy when they landed in Miami as it was so clean. But Jovi says that they have to go back to New Orleans because they have a baby to raise. The tone suggested that he did not enjoy the act of raising a baby much.


The Strip club Visit

The couple took a vacation to Miami to unwind. Ever since their daughter Mylah was born, Jovi has been complaining that he does not receive the kind of attention he used to receive from Yara earlier.

The couple had a joint strip club visit which was broadcast in the previous episode of “90 Day Fiance’ Happily Ever After?” on July 25, Sunday. Yara was very upset with Jovi’s behavior at the strip club the way he was blowing kisses to the strippers.

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Jovi Receives Backlash On New IG Post

6 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’ Star Jovi Receives Backlash On New IG Post Feat. Mylah”

  1. Sunia Mukherjee

    Agree with you Rosanna. Yara doesn’t like Louisiana at all.

    Christy and Sandra. Yeah I think I saw a hashtag somewhere #growupjovi. LOL.


    The only real complaint I have about Yara is that she absolutely HATES Louisiana in general and New Orleans in particular. She seems to think all the dirt in the country is in Southeast Louisiana. As much as I wanted to like Jovi, I find that, as time goes on, he is not just an asshole but also so immature that the only thing he thinks is fun is getting drunk and ogling strippers. And I do not like the way he pushes Yara to, “Have a drink! Relax!” Come on, Dude! You’re married and you have a child! Grow the hell up!

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