‘Sister Wives’: Christine Ditches 27th Anniversary Celebration, Leaving Kody Upset

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Much to the chagrin of Sister Wives star Kody Brown, his ex-wife Christine Brown snubbed the anniversary celebration.

Reality has hit Sister Wives star Kody Brown pretty hard. During Sunday, September 25, episode of the show, he found out how unhappy his now ex-wife Christine was in their marriage.

The episode was filmed when the duo would have been celebrating its 27th anniversary. However, the 50-year-old reality TV star snubbed the anniversary celebration, according to a report by OK!

Sister Wives: Christine Snubs Her & Kody’s Anniversary Celebration

“For my anniversary I’m not going to pretend,” Christine tells the cameras. She goes on to add that she will be going to Utah for their daughter Mykelti’s home birth.

Speaking of her relationship with the patriarch on what would be their anniversary, Christine told the cameras: “I don’t consider myself married to him anymore.”

For those unaware, Kody and Christine never had a legal marriage. She recently admitted that she didn’t know at “what point our marriage is technically over because there was no real marriage contract.”

Kody, on the other hand, was shocked that Christine did not post anything to celebrate their anniversary online. “It’s the first time [that] I’ve actually been able to go, ‘Wow, she’s serious about this,” he says during the episode.

“I think I want to keep testing it though,” he adds. However, Christine had made it clear that she was done with their relationship and had stopped wearing a wedding band, calling it a “noose” after their break up.

What do you think about Christine’s decision to snub their anniversary celebration? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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