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Prince Harry Refuses To Dine With King Charles III Over Meghan’s Ban

Prince Harry reportedly refused to have dinner with King Charles III after Meghan Markle was banned by the new monarch.

Prince Harry turned down the opportunity to dine with King Charles III and his brother the Prince of Wales at Balmoral. A report by The DailyMail (via Mint) attributes the Duke of Sussex’s action to the new monarch banning his wife Meghan Markle from joining the royal family on the day Queen Elizabeth II died.

Prince Harry reportedly wanted Meghan to join him in saying their final goodbyes to Queen Elizabeth on September 8. However, King Charles allegedly told his youngest son that it was “not appropriate” for Meghan to be there.

As part of his attempt to convince his father to allow Meghan to join him, Harry reportedly missed a flight to Scotland. The flight was carrying William and their uncles Andrew and Edward, reports said.

Prince Harry reacted to the turnaround event by missing his first flight. Moreover, he reportedly refused to have dinner that evening with Charles, William, and Queen Consort Camilla.

Instead, Harry joined the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex for dinner and left early the next morning.

“Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family that he missed the flight. Charles has an open invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever he is in the country,” The Sun reported.

“But Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother. It was a massive snub. And he got out of Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to catch the first commercial flight back to London,” the daily added.

Furthermore, the report claims Prince Harry was the first Royal Family member to leave. He reached Aberdeen airport at 9.20 am and boarded a flight to London.

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4 thoughts on “Prince Harry Refuses To Dine With King Charles III Over Meghan’s Ban”

  1. I think it’s really sad that he had to have that unpleasant and distasteful conversation with his dad. I like his stand for refusing to dine with the King, I would have done exactly what Harry did if I were in his shoes. If you love me truly then, you should love anything and everyone that associate with me. Whether the Royal Family likes it or not Meghan is here to stay, and Harry is not about to let go of that woman for the world. I think King Charles III should have known better that Harry his own man and sometimes his actions mind appeared to be rude, but we must all bear in mind how his mother was treated by the Royal Family and how she was allowed to be pestered, haunted, driven to her death with no protection. The pain in Harry’s heart is still fresh and what is happening to Meghan is a constant reminder so everyone should be sensitive to that fact. I think Harry is a good natured person and not necessarily a fist disrespectful person. Everyone should let peace and love reigns

  2. Prince Harry did the right thing refusing
    To Attend, King or No King, What sort
    Of Man would attend without His
    Beautiful Wife.
    They Should Stop Interfering and let
    Prince Harry and Princess Megan enjoy
    Their New life, and Marriage in the
    USA .The Americans Love ❤️ Them
    Like They Loved His Mum Princess Diana
    The So Called king Has Shown his True
    Colours, Everyone Hated Him for doing
    What he did to Princess Diana, Well if
    He thinks the World will Forget……. They
    Won’t He has Shown up This Country and
    He Should Step Down and give position
    To William, He Deserves it xxx

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