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Positions Of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle On The Royal Website Have Changed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been demoted. The couple is only one step ahead of the Duke of York – Prince Andrew on the royal website.

Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially been demoted. As a result, the couple’s position on the Roya Family’s website has changed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s profile pages were moved down to the bottom of the Royal Family’s list. The website usually ranks the senior working family first like the Prince and Princess of Wales, Queen Consort Camilla, and King Charles III.

The minor working members of the Royal Family including the Duke of Kent and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are mentioned after the senior working family members.

Even when Harry and Meghan were working members of the family, their pages were listed below Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, who were recently promoted to Prince and Princess of Wales.

To recap, Harry and Meghan stepped down from their duties on January 2020. They were immediately pushed to sit right below Princess Anne, as per a report by Hindustan Times.

The duo recently spent eleven days in England after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Their relationship with the royal family hasn’t improved though.

“I think it’s very sad [that] in the days Harry was here, there was an opportunity given they were just a couple of hundred yards away from each other for a meeting or dinner or gathering of some sort where they could actually just try to thrash things out,” The New Royals author Katie Nicholl said.

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