Natalie Gains ’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Support Following The ‘Russian Doll’ Incident

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Surprisingly, many 90 Day Fiance fans have come to Natalie’s defense following her reaction to a comment about Russian dolls on The Single Life.

90 Day Fiance fans usually slam Natalie Mordovtseva for her actions or statements. However, she gained a surprising amount of support after her recent outburst about Russian dolls.

Natalie is currently living in Florida and has made multiple appearances on 90 Day: The Single Life. She is currently dating a man named Josh Weinstein.

Josh wants to their relationship develop more before deciding to be exclusive, but Natalie sees this as indecision. In the latest episode of The Single Life, she questioned Josh’s friend about him.

However, she got offended when one of Josh’s female friends made an analogy about Russian Matryoshka dolls, and she seemingly misunderstood. “I’m not Russian,” Natalie asserted, as the woman hastily tried to clarify what she meant.

Natalie was upset since she thought the woman was calling her Russian, as per a report by ScreenRant. According to some viewers, she overreacted. “Natalie got mad it’s like the girl called her a hoe!!” Redditor bosaddam12 said in a post. 

However, a considerable number of commenters came to her defense. “You may not like Natalie but considering current events and the history between Russia and Ukraine, this is a pretty understandable reaction,” one commenter said.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine could be a reason why Natalie was particularly sensitive about the topic. “I get people hate Natalie but this is one big stretch,” one Redditor commented.

“Is it just me or is this post and many of the comments coming across as Blind American Privilege,” another user questioned.

What do you think about the outpouring of support for Natalie? Let us know in the comments below.

Also, watch this space for the latest updates on 90 Day Fiance!


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