‘Counting On’ Justin Duggar’s New Girlfriend Looks Like His Sister Jana

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Counting On Justin Duggar Claire Spivey

Counting On: Those following the Duggar family probably know that Justin Duggar’s mystery girl has been revealed, and Michelle and Jim Bob’s son has found love.

While most fans are happy to hear it, some viewers can’t help but notice that Justin’s new woman bears a striking resemblance to one of his older sisters. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar adopted an unconventional method to raised their kids, unlike most American families.

Heavily sheltered from a young age, the children are not allowed to attend public school, dance, or listen to mainstream music. When the kids reach their later teenage years, they are allowed to court.

While courting is similar to dating, its end goal is marriage. Most of the Duggar kids began courting in their early twenties, but others, including Joy Duggar, courted and married as teenagers. Justin Duggar took fans by surprise when he announced a courtship at 17.

The current season of Counting On focuses primarily on relationships. Josiah and Lauren Duggar are navigating their marriage with a kid now, and John and Abbie Duggar welcomed their first child, a baby girl together. Breaking from the tradition, Jana Duggar opened up about being 30 and unmarried.

Coming out of the left-field, Justin Duggar revealed that he started courting Claire Spivey. Though the fans were offered a sneak peek of the courtship announcement, Michelle and Jim Bob took to social media to officially announce Justin’s courtship on Sept. 21.

While some seemed to have a problem with Justin courting at the age of 17, many of the show‘s fans were excited to see a new Duggar courting, since it has been over two years since the last Duggar wedding.

Amid Justin’s courtship announcement, some hawk-eyed viewers noticed something interesting; Justin’s girlfriend looks like his older sister, Jana Duggar. Viewers took to Reddit to discuss, “I am seriously questioning if this is Jana or Claire,” one Redditor wrote. “Only difference is Claire has braces,” another viewer wrote.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jana shared two photos, one of her and Justin, and another of Justin and Claire. “It’s the same picture,” someone on commented on Reddit. Photos were posted to both Instagram and Facebook, and people made similar comments in other places as well. “I wonder if anyone in their circle has said anything?” one fan wrote.

Counting On Justin Duggar Claire Spivey

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