‘RHOBH’: Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Teddi Mellencamp Exit From The Show

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RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Teddi Mellencamp

RHOBH: Teddi Mellencamp broke news about her departure from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, taking several fans by surprise as there have been speculations surrounding her absence for season 11.

One former housewife that seemed most affected by the mother of three losing out on her job was Lisa Vanderpump, going full-on “mean girl” during her podcast while she reacted to Mellencamp’s departure from the show.

Holding a diamond for three seasons, Mellencamp announced earlier this week that she will not be returning to RHOBH, posting the new to her Instagram Stories. “I don’t want to bore you but I’d figure I could give you a little update on what’s going on,” she said.

She went on to reveal that she recently found out that her contract as a housewife was not renewed. The All In with Teddi founder came under fire from netizens for her diet plan recently, with a group of people raising concerns against the regime that they claim puts their lives at risk.

Without citing this as the reason she was not offered to return, Mellencamp opted to share only good words following her exit.

Teddi Mellencamp confirmed she was leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. News of her departure came as no surprise to many fans as there had been rumblings she would not return for season 11. One former housewife that seemed extra giddy at the mother of three losing out on her job was Lisa Vanderpump. The latter went full-on “mean girl” on her podcast reacting to Mellencamp’s exit from the show.

“I don’t want to bore you but I’d figure I could give you a little update on what’s going on,” Mellencamp posted on her Instagram Stories. “Recently found out that my contract as a housewife is not being renewed.”

The All In with Teddi founder had been facing backlash in recent days for her controversial diet plan. There was a group of people raising their voices against the regime that allegedly put their lives at risk. Mellencamp didn’t cite this as the reason she was not offered to return and only shared good words following her departure.

“You heard it here last,” she posted. “Yes, it’s true, I am not coming back to RHOBH,” she confirmed, expressing her gratitude to Bravo, Evolution, Andy Cohen, and the amazing women for the support, as well as the shade, for the past three years. “Back to the shadows I go,” she wrote concluding her message.

Mellencamp admitted that she was sad with the news, which she compared to breaking up because she had developed a very strong relationship with the cast, the crew. Aside from that, she said she got to do things that she is unlikely to experience without the show.

Towards the end of the video, Mellencamp said she was excited about what’s in store in her life. Mellencamp is known for exposing Lisa Vanderpump with the maneuvering she tried to set up during the “puppy gate” incident. According to the former, the Vanderpump Rules producer tried to pit Mellencamp against Dorit Kemsley due to their bad relationship.

The pet Kemsley adopted from Vanderpump Dogs ended up in a kill shelter somehow. Vanderpump was blamed for leaking stories to the press to amend her foundation’s rundown reputation. The restaurateur denied the allegations and was so upset at them for thinking she would do that, that she decided to quit RHOBH.

Other Housewives also reacted to Mellencamp’s exit from the show. One that was understandably not a fan of Mellencamp was Vanderpump. She didn’t have a good relationship with Mellencamp during the tenth season of the show.

“Today we have the news that Teddi Mellencamp got the hoof from Housewives,” Vanderpump said on her All Things Vanderpump podcast. “I don’t know, people said because she was boring, I certainly didn’t have a good experience with her. Boring would be one of the nicer things I could say,” she added.

Vanderpump goes on to take jabs at Mellencamp and her business. Also, I think there was something up for contention about her business, something about 500 calories a day,” she said. “I don’t know how anybody could survive on 500 calories a day, I think I eat 500 calories between 2:30 and 4:30 AM when I’m up in the night.”

“So, I don’t think I could get out of bed with 500 calories a day, but I guess whatever works for you, but, apparently, it didn’t for everybody so.” “Anyway, I wish Teddi Mellencamp all the best… said no one ever,” she ended with the British humor that has got her in trouble in the past.

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