‘Counting On’: Jinger and Jeremy Surprises Family With Baby News

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'Counting On': Jinger and Jeremy Surprises Family With Baby News

Counting On season finale seems to be full of surprises. Yes, the Duggar family recently learned about a new bundle of joy adding to their family. In an exclusive sneak peek clip of the show, Joy Anna informs her family about her pregnancy while Jinger also broke her own pregnancy news.

“Speaking of little babies, we have an announcement to make!” Jinger’s hubby, Jeremy Vuolo, says before turning to his daughter and asking, “What are you, Felicity? Do you want to say big sister?” Jinger asked her two-year-old daughter.

In the conversation, Jinger further revealed her due date that is Nov. 19, and also the gender of the baby. Jeremy kicked the soccer ball into the air that showed pink dust to reveal the gender. While the couple had dealt with miscarriage in the past, they took social media to announce in May 2020 that they are expecting a baby again.

“Jeremy and I both guessed it was a girl, just a gut feeling we had. And we couldn’t be happier,” Jinger wrote at the time. “The bond that sisters share is unique, and one I cherish every day. After all these years, they’re still my best friends! I’m glad God’s giving that gift for Felicity to enjoy. As for me and Jeremy, we’ll definitely have our hands full! But there’s nothing else we’d rather carry.”

In June, Jinger revealed during an interview about the stress she had gone through. “Of course, following the miscarriage… you’re excited [to get pregnant again], but you don’t want to get too excited at the same time,” she said. “But now I am nearly halfway, and so I’m really thankful.”

Counting On airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC. For more updates, keep watching this space. Also, check out our YouTube Channel here.

'Counting On': Jinger and Jeremy Surprises Family With Baby News

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