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’90 Day Fiance’: Sumit Admits He Has Withdrawn The Marriage Application

A new 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way preview shows Sumit confessing to Jenny that he has withdrawn their marriage application.

Much to the chagrin of Jenny Slatten, her fiance Sumit Singh recently admitted that he has withdrawn their marriage application. Moreover, the reality TV personality told the American meemaw that he has put it on hold.

This is understandably shocking news for Jenny, who thought she and Sumit are one step closer to tying the knot. However, Sumit decided to take one step back without even telling Jenny.

Sumit Reveals He Has Withdrawn Their Marriage Application

In the exclusive preview of the November 21 episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way shared by HollywoodLife, Jenny is seen talking to Sumit about submitting their marriage application. She notes that Sumit’s parents, Anil and Sadhna “need to hurry up and get over it because we’re going. to be able to marry in about 30 days.”

However, Sumit chimes in saying he has something to tell her. After struggling a bit, he says, “After filing the marriage application, you know I was a bit nervous about it.”

He goes on to confess that he has put the marriage application on hold, saying, “I asked him to put it on a hold.”

Jenny Is Shocked

Sumit did not inform Jenny before doing this. He attributes his decision to pushing their marriage application process back to being “nervous.”

“We finally get the greenlight to get married and then, bam, I’m blindsided… I’m scared,” she tells Sumit. “I’m hurt that he didn’t tell me, and I’m angry that he did it.”

Sumit claims he worries about tying the knot because of his bad experience in his previous marriage. “What you’re thinking about is not us. We’re completely different from that,” Jenny replies.

“He’s known me for such a long time,” Jenny says. “Im the one he confides in. I’m the one he can trust. I’m the one that he loves. Why would I change?” She thinks this situation is “madness.”

However, Sumit isn’t willing to back down. ” “I didn’t find anything good about marriage in the past,” he says. You should support me by understanding the reason.”

“I’ve been through hell and back,” Jenny replies. What do you think about Sumit’s reason for not wanting to marry Jenny? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m fed up with his excuses. He is only concerned for himself .. He has misled her nearly 10 years .. He is not a man of his word .. I have lost all respect for him .. I am disgusted by all of this

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