Meghan Markle The Ellen Degeneres Show

Meghan Markle Talks About Her Auditions On ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’

Meghan Markle made an unexpected appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, much to the delight of the audience.

Meghan Markle surprised the audience of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, making her first appearance on a television talk show since becoming a British royal family member. Producers of the show have confirmed on Wednesday that the episode graced by the Duchess of Sussex will air in the US on Thursday.

Moreover, this is the first time the former Suits actress has made a TV appearance since she and her husband Prince Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, per CNN. During the interview, the couple opened up about their unhappy lives within the royal family.

Meghan Markle Appears On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The former actress made her TV talk show debut since tying the knot with Prince Harry. Meghan shared a short story about her auditions when she was starting out as an actress in Los Angeles.

“I had this very old Ford Explorer Sport and, at a certain point, the key stopped working on the driver’s side, so you couldn’t get yourself in through the door,” Meghan told DeGeneres.

“So after auditions, I would park at the back of the parking lot and I would open the trunk and climb in, pull the door shut behind me and crawl all over my seats to get out. That’s how I would come to and fro.”

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Life In The US

After stepping down from their royal duties, Meghan and Harry moved to California last year. The couple has largely limited their public outings to conferences and charitable events.

The duo has been promoting the work of their Archewell foundation on various issues. They talk about issues such as mental health, hunger, women, disinformation in the media, and more. Aside from that, the couple has signed notable deals with Spotify and Netflix to make their own podcasts and TV shows.

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