’90 Day Fiance’ Star Molly Flaunts Her Weight Loss [Photos]

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Molly Flaunts Her Weight Loss [Photos]

“90 Day Fiance” star Molly Hopkins – who began her weight loss journey in February this year – surprised her fans with the results of her six-month weight-loss program.

Molly took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her before and after photos.

She wrote in the caption, “From Feb to July the difference is clear. I’m so happy with the progress I’ve made and how amazing I feel on these products. It has not only helped me outwardly look better but feel better on the inside. Do you have gut issues??? I did. Now I’m significantly better.”


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The mother of two posted a picture of her face before she started the program, and after it. There was a considerable difference and the fans appreciated her efforts.

Molly never promoted trash diets or skinny anorexic looks. She is always known for encouraging plus-size women to be proud of their respective bodies.

What Did the Fans Say?

One fan commented, “girl. I need me some molly Hopkins plexus.” Another fan warned others that it is a marketing gimmick, ”Ladies, this is an MLM advertisement. Molly is trying to recruit you to buy the product, or better yet, join her team. This is strictly a money making move for her. Don’t fall for it.”

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Molly clapped back at the fan stating, “@laurenkay1690 actually I take these products and they have SIGNIFICANTLY helped my Ibs. I’m sharing because I have a platform and I know how many people this can help. No need to suffer in silence. Also thousands of testimonies of people this has helped.”

Molly recently received the body positivity award at the Curve Expo. She often receives appreciation for her stable relationship with Brooklyn cop Kelly. Moreover, she barely receives criticism on social media. She conducts herself gracefully and justifies her position as a founder of LiviRae Lingerie.


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The Weight-Loss Journey

Molly has been sharing her weight-loss journey with her fans through her IG posts every month. She started her weight-loss journey in February, and while Angela Deem and Tiffany Franco were busy with their weight-loss surgeries, Molly took the road lesser traveled.

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A month back, at the end of July, Molly had posted another photo.


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Molly explained that she lost 27 pounds after she started this collagen-free Plexus diet. She revealed that she felt more energetic, and the plant-based diet was very good for her digestive system and metabolism. Sporting a leopard print swimsuit, she explained to her fans that she felt great from within.

Smart Looks in May

In May she posted a picture wearing a black body-hugging top in which her weight loss was significantly visible. When she first appeared on the TLC show, she flaunted a fuller face and broader shoulders. However, as she progressed with her Plexus diet program, the fans could see the changes clearly. Her jawline was prominent, and her body became leaner.


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  1. You look great Molly… Keep your chin up cause ya know ppl will always make rude comments.
    Huge fan ?
    From : Pennsylvania

  2. Congratulations!! You look amazing! You have such a pretty face. I would be interested in learning more about the products you use.

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