’90 Day Fiance’: Angela and Michael Consult Doctor; Fans Gross Out

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The viewers of “90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After?” were upset with Angela Deem’s behavior in episode 14 after it was dropped on July 30.

In this “90 Day Fiance” episode, Michael Ilesanmi consulted the doctor about their baby. Now that Angela has lost over 90 pounds, Michael feels that she is healthy enough to give him a baby. Michael wanted to freeze his sperm and ship it to America for the procedures to create a baby.

The caption of the clip from the episode surfaced on Instagram as ‘’Michael masturbates for the first time and @deemangela goes clothes shopping with @simplyskylarae.’’


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One of the fans mentioned, ”Take this shit down, please.Wtf ????” Another chimed, ‘’ This storyline is one of the grossest I have ever seen on here…I fast forward through these twits and the Libby bunch…’’

Another fan wrote, ‘’ She takes him for a joke… like everything she does is to intentionally embarrass him.’’

Michael went to visit the doctor on the appointed day so his sperm could be checked for “quantity and mobility.” Michael added, “Whatever happens, it is going to change my life because today for the first time in my life, I’m going to masturbate.”

The camera followed Michael and Angela into Gentlemen’s Room 1 in the IVF clinic. The viewers could hear the couple talking about explicit things about their conjugal lifelike, ”Remember when we did the chocolate?” The fans found this discussion repelling and the entire Instagram page was full of negative comments.

The Couple Grosses Out Fans

Michael’s visa procedure is not yet complete and the couple is waiting for it. Michael wanted to use Skyla’s egg for the procedure. Angela was not happy with Michael’s decision of using someone else’s egg.

The fans were not happy to know about the personal life decisions of the couple. The couple grossed out the viewers when the 32-year-old Michael admitted that he never masturbated before as it is prohibited in his religion.

One of the fans blamed even the telecasters TLC for this kind of stuff on TV, ‘’TLC did y’all run out of storylines??? Angela’s face and personality is a Horror Film!’’

The Georgia Meemaw Angela informed the doctor that she did not want her long-distance husband to take resort to ‘’dirty magazines’’ while donating his sperm. She requested the doctor that she wanted to be a part of the entire procedure.

The rumors of the couple divorcing each other had surfaced a few months back. There were rumors doing the rounds on social media that Angela was in the process of consulting a divorce lawyer. So with the arrival of a baby, will the bond between the couple be strengthened?

For more updates, keep watching this space.

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