’90 Day Fiance’: How Becky And Jenn Turned Into The Most Hated Characters On The Show

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The “90 Day Fiance” fans have been complaining about the Potthast family for quite some time now, and the recent shenanigans of the twins Becky and Jenn, turn out to be the final nail in that coffin. The family has always been at the center of the drama. However, the fans always had difficulty believing their troubles.

What Is Happening Now?

Right now, the fans of HAE are angry at the action of two members of the family in particular. Even though historically speaking, the dad had been the object of hate. The recent action of the two daughters, Becky and Jenn, has put the spotlight of shame upon them. And funnily, the fans now feel sympathy for Chuck. When compared to the twins!

Similar to most other cast members, the Potthast sisters had an ongoing clash with Andei. In other words, they fought over issues of real estate, relationships, and responsibilities. But above all, they fought over the spotlight of fame. And in addition, the fight reached a breaking point when they learned that Andrei and Chuck were deciding to flip a house together.

“90 Day Fiance” Becky and Jenn, the sisters created a healthy-sized drama out of thin air!

When attending Andrei and Libby’s birthday party for their daughter. Using their gift of melodrama, and the ability to grab eyeballs, they accused him of betraying their trust. Their obnoxious behavior. And above all the air of entitlement, they have with the backing of their father’s money. Has really pushed every fan to simply hate them.

The Drama On The 90 Day Fiance Subreddit

On the r/90DayFiance Reddit, the fans were furious after a post pointed out the sister’s hypocrisy. It showed how Becky and Jenn’s current actions contradicted their earlier words. The Original Poster (OP) wrote, “Becky and Jenn: let’s start a competing business to screw Dad over for investing in Andrei. Becky and Jenn earlier this season: “He’s taking advantage of Dad who worked really hard and deserves a break.” 

In addition to that, OP also posted a screenshot of the twins talking mean things about Andrei from a previous episode. One commenter wrote, “What rotten humans and daughters they are. So ungrateful!” And immediately the whole community agreed with him. Proving once and for all, that the twins the most hated characters of the show.

The Potthast Twins Moving Forward

It is not the first time, and neither will it be the last. That the twins, Becky and Jenn are coming under fire from the fans. The Potthast family has always found themselves in the middle of some drama. And this time they went one step too far. Now it will be really exciting to watch how and if they can come out of this mess.

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Fans Calls Out Becky And Jenn For Hypocrisy

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