’90 Day Fiance’: Natalie Rejects Marriage Proposal: 'I Over Done Marriage'

’90 Day Fiance’: Natalie Rejects Marriage Proposal: ‘I Over Done Marriage’

“90 Day Fiance” star Natalie Mordovtseva surprised her Instagram fans when a fan proposed to her for marriage.

Natalie took to Instagram on Monday and shared an image of her wearing a green dress and matching headband. A fan wrote, “I’ll marry you.” Other fans started immediately responding to this TLC viewer’s comments. “When you meet the right person, marriage won’t seem like a “program”. It’ll be a blessing,” wrote one fan of the 35-year-old Ukrainian TV personality and model.

Fans Want To Marry Natalie

“Don’t give up Natalie.. there are good men out there. It took me 41 years to find the one who was meant for me. It’s never worth giving up!” wrote a team Natalie fan.

“FO! My fiance is Russian! Nothing wrong with Russians. Its a-sh-les like Mike that can’t get a woman here so they go outside the crountry! Mike is a mommas boy! Mikes mother disrespected way before Natalie starting being disrespectful! Mike was already set in his was and Natalie was strong in her beliefs. And it didnt work. It happens! The man called the wedding off on her wedding day! Sh-t Natalie had every right to act like she did after! And so what if she still here. So is hoe ass Larissa! I dont see Natalie at the the welfare trying leech of the government or coming in ILLEGALLY so let her do her! You should shut your face and nit talk about sh-t you dont know about!” wrote another fan of the former journalist.

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There were other fans who hate Natalie for deserting Mike. They feel that Natalie used Mike just to get her green card. One fan wrote “Natalie, do you work or still living of Mark’s [Probably she meant Mike’s] credit card. The only thing you do is postín a picture of yourself not selling anything . We love Yara, she works and love her husband.”

“What is your self pride? You strung mike around heartlessly. I never called you a hooker but often we project what we think about ourself onto others. You came here for a green card. It’s obvious but denying it is dishonest and wrong. As I have worked in the entertainment filed you do have the selfish side to you but you’re too old and I’m not being mean but just an average looking woman. You’re integrity is false and I truly believe when you wrong another person, it will then be a harm coming back to you in some area in your life 10x as bad,” wrote another fan who feels Natalie is a gold-digger.

The Flashback

Natalie and Mike Youngquist had officially split during “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?’s Tell-All.” Natalie has been spotted filming for “90 Day: The Single Life season 2.”

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Natalie is a Florida resident now, and she has a mystery man in her life. Before the hurricane, Ida hit New Orleans, Yara Zaya, and Jovi Dufren had spent an evening with the mystery man of Natalie and Mike. Jovi spilled tea about the mystery man during the episode which was aired on August 15.

Although Mike had shared very little about his first wife Kristen on “90 Day Fiance”, new information about her has now come to light. It seems even Mike married Natalie after his break-up with his first wife. Speculations are on about a new woman in Mike’s life.

As Natalie left the  Tell-All set, she declared, “I’m choosing myself and I’m gonna look for fish in the pond.” She wished Mike all the best and thanked him for setting her free.

Mike and Natalie fought through most of their “90 Day Fiance” episodes before and after they got married. She left Mike’s Sequim home on Christmas Eve with Juliana. Even though Mike admitted that he was completing the responsibility of a husband and was paying her bills while she was in Florida working towards fulfilling her dream in the field of acting.

Six weeks back Natalie had posted on her Instagram account, “That’s me, competing in Ukrainian pageant “Miss City”. Hence the viewers are now aware of her participation in beauty pageants when she was in Ukraine.

Mike’s mom Trish Youngquist, Julia Trubkina had suggested multiple times during the show that Natalie has simply used Mike to come to America and asked her to return to Ukraine. Even her co-participants Angela Deem and Julia had lashed out at her during the “90 Day Fiance” episodes about her using Mike for a green card.

Will this Mystery Man be Natalie’s Fourth Partner?

During “90 Day Fiancé” Season 7, Natalie often spoke about her ex-husband of eight years who was a rich businessman. She fondly remembered her wedding with him which was an expensive affair in Season 8.  She detested the idea that Mike married her next to the pond in a simple wedding. Apparently, now it is revealed that Natalie was married twice. Once to a man in Greece and later to someone named Mr. Podyakov from Ukraine.

So to keep the count correct, Mike is her third husband and the mystery man will be her fourth partner.

Stay in tune with all the fresh updates about “90 Day Fiance” here. In the comments section below, please let us know if you think Natalie is ready to get married the fourth time.

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  1. After 2 other husbands prior to Mike should show u that Natalie uses men..but i can tell u this Natalie u are 35..You are not getting younger..Age starts to really show n cant hide it..bet your elbows are starting to wrinkle…no plastic surgery for them or knees that start to show creases…So find a rich one that when you divorce you can get some money to support yourself in your old age..You do not work…You will not be a correspodent for anything you are not famous and too old for that..GOOD LUCK…Mike has worked n must make descent money he paid all your bills…He will find a woman that loves him n his type of life..

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