90 Day Bares All Natalie Mordovtseva

’90 Day Fiance’: Mike Reveals What Natalie Did When She Dumped Him

90 Day Fiance star Mike Youngquist has revealed shocking details about Natalie Morodovtseva dumping him on last year’s Christmas Eve.

During episode 13 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Mike Youngquist opened up to cameras about Natalie Morodovtseva when she left him on Christmas Eve 2020. His cousin Uncle Beau confirmed that the pair were not together anymore. They tied the knot in April last year.

Bojangles previously revealed that Natalie wasn’t pregnant, and in a new interview, she accused the reality TV star of lying to Mike about going to meet Tamara and leaving him on Christmas Eve. Details about why did Natalie and Mike decide to call it quits are still scarce, the TLC show has divulged a lot of information, per ScreenRant.

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90 Day Fiance viewer posted a clip to Reddit from HEA with the title, “Why I get mad at you is ‘cause you don’t be nice to my son,” accusing Trish in the video, who claims that Natalie manipulates Mike “all the time.” Natalie’s behavior implies she doesn’t love Mike, according to Trish. Trish asked, “Who picks a fight with their husband on Christmas Eve and goes to Seattle? That’s not a wife.” 

Natalie asked, “Do you know that, do you know that why?” Mike losses his cool at this moment and shouts, “What happened on Christmas?” Mike asked Natalie, “First Christmas, how many gifts did I get you, Natalie? What did you do with all my gifts?” Mike then calls her “The Grinch.” 

Natalie reveals that she went to Juliana’s place to give her and her family “lovely gifts.” “This is true, yes,” admitted Natalie, after which Trish asked her, “What are you telling your friends when you’re giving all of this stuff to them?” Mike states that this is not how “a wife acts in any country,” and he didn’t care about what language she spoke or anything else.

Mike compared Natalie to a “7-year-old throwing a tantrum” and asked her to “get with the program or get out.” He shockingly revealed that Natalie did come back after Christmas to stay with him “one night”. Natalie even admitted that she has a room at Juliana’s house, where she goes because they “fight a lot.”

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When Natalie tries to blame this on Mike not being home, he clapped back at her by saying that it is she who’s never home. He said “I’m done” before leaving the confessional set, while Natalie kept saying that she is always apologizing. Towards the end of episode 13 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, she said, “What he expects me to do? Love him forever after that? I’m sorry. I’m not.”

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  1. Ruth Marie Slivken

    Mike is the one who keeps having the hissy fits and shows how super selfish he is. He goes with her to Seattle for her surgery…and picks a fight with her the night before. Natalie was right to leave…having this stress before surgery is not healthy and a bad idea. She did the right thing. Mike acts all innocent about it but we have all seen his high pitched temper tantrums with Natalie. He is not a kind or nice guy! And let’s not forget…Mike had every intention of stranding Natalie POST OP in Seattle without a ride home. He even says so. So how is that not selfish and brutish behavior?? His mother is so rude and mean to her…but, like Mike, she is passive aggressive in her attacks. Not once did Mike try to make his Mom understand how wrong her behavior was in trying to stop the wedding.

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