’90 Days Fiance’: Natalie Nose Surgery Details After Ignoring Mike In Seattle

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Natalie’s accusation of Mike’s mom Trish calling her a “h–kergrabbed fans’ attention. Now the attention has shifted to her breathing issues. Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? sees Natalie Mordovtseva getting a nose operation.

Natalie told her Russian friend Juliana that she had booked a very expensive surgery. She decided to share this information with Juliana, rather than Mike. However, Mike agreed to pay for her surgery, and even take some time off to be with her.

Natalie and Mike Separated?

As rumors are stating the Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike are not together anymore. Trish and Oklahoma are said to be the reasons behind their split. In season 6 of TLC’s hit reality show, 90 Days Fiance has hinted at Natalie packing bags and leaving. So, Mike and Natalie’s break-up might play on the screen soon.

In the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Mike told the producer that he didn’t know where Natalie was on the day of surgery. As Mike left The Maxwell Hotel Lobby, he claimed that surgery is the only way to get Natalie’s polyps fixed.

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Mike booked a hotel room for her to make sure that she rests well. However, she got into a fight with him over Oklahoma again and went to Juliana’s home. Mike accused Natalie of taking his blue big truck and ghosting him.

The cameras of 90 Days Fiance show follow Mike to the hospital while his call to Natalie remains unanswered. He found his truck in the parking lot. Mike got furious after he realized that Natalie has already been in surgery without him. He stated that “It felt like a slap” as he wanted to be there to comfort her.

Surgery Went Successful

Mike wanted to take revenge as he was angry at her. But waits for Natalie who joined him, after being operated on and indicates that she can feel smell now showing a successful surgery. Natalie told Mike to make her a boiled potato dish with cheese, butter, pickle, and mushroom after they reach Sequim. Mike confesses that Natalie only wants him, around her when she needs help.

Natalie says “My marriage is very hard because me and Michael have love but no understanding. and it feels sad that I could not trust my own husband even the night before the surgery.”

For more updates keep watching this space.

'90 Days Fiance': Natalie Nose Surgery Details After Ignoring Mike In Seattle

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  1. Their relationship is boring on the show they have no love connection whatsoever..he is trying to hard to make her happy and she is just concern about herself..

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