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’90 Day Fiance’ Fans React To Betty’s Break Down On Brandon Decision To Move Out

A 90 Day Fiance fan referred to Betty as “Wretched” as a fact she is not letting Brandon be an adult. Others put it as she is emotionally manipulating him.

Many viewers were stunned to see Betty Gibbs’s reaction when her son Brandon Gibbs talked about moving out. It was shocking for viewers to see Betty crying.

As her 27-years married son was ready to start his new life along with his spouse, Julia Trubkina. When 90 Day Fiance star Brandon talks about moving out with betty and Ron.


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Ron freaked out and said don’t make stupid decisions when Ron asks Brandon what is the problem? Brandon said, I think it’s half animals and half my mother, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers may additionally recollect that when the Russian native Julia arrived in the United States.

After Moving To The United State, Julia Started Living With Brandon In His Farm


Julia lived together with Brandon’s parents on their farm. She was unhappy working on the farm with the animals, but she did it due to the fact Brandon was not financially strong enough to hire an apartment.

When Julia first talked about shifting, Betty broke down into tears and reputedly attempted to emotionally blackmail Brandon. While crying, she stated that she wanted a daughter and not to lose her very own son.

Let’s see what fans feel about it?

Another 90 Day Fiancé fan also commented as “I cringed so hard when his parents said “but you’re the man!” Like, ok? So he is the one that should make all decisions and the woman is just supposed to follow? It’s 2021 you twats”.

Betty and Ron, think that Julia is manipulating their son, they think that Brandon is not ready to have his very own apartment as he never paid any bill when he was living on the farm. It seems like Betty and Ron are incorrect as Brandon has already signed the lease of his new house.

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