’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Compare Angela To Big Ed And Want Her Removed From The Show

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Angela Deem has been catching flak lately, with frustrated 90 Day Fiance viewers encouraging TLC to cancel and remove her from the show.

Some viewers of the show feel Angela Deem crossed the line during her latest fight with Michael. These fed-up fans are now asking TLC to permanently eject her from its hit reality TV show. 

In this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Angela lost viewers’ support due to her unacceptable behavior towards her doctors, her treatment of her husband Michael, her stubborn and entitled attitude. She has been awful all season but took things to the next level in a recent episode.

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Angela not only tried to hack her husband’s phone to see his location but also got into an argument with him. She screamed at Michael and called him, an “ugly son of a b****” and accused him of marrying her just for the green card.

On top of that, Angela claimed that she has a right to control Michael because she’s his wife, and used a lot of abusive language. Fans have called her out for her poor treatment of her husband before, but she took it to the extreme in the new episode, ScreenRant reported.

“Her behavior is predatory and abusive,” one fan on Reddit pointed out. Other fans described her as “just about the most offensive person in the cast history” and a close second to Big Ed Brown.

While most fans wanted her removed from the franchise, others noted that this was not likely to happen. “No one on this show is really canceled. The controversy helps them, it is in fact better to be aggressively hated than generally liked,” a fan pointed out.

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“This outrage only helps (TLC).” Just because a cast member is disliked, doesn’t mean they aren’t popular. The network thrives off of the good and bad buzz generated by the show’s stars, and another fan agreed that Angela was a “cash cow” for the network. 

angela deem 90 day fiance

angela deem 90 day fiance

2 thoughts on “’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Compare Angela To Big Ed And Want Her Removed From The Show”

  1. Angel have just went to fair doing what she did on the show this season this is getting old so disrecptful

  2. Remember in his country he can have two wives. She is probably worried that he is fooling around to make that baby he wants so bad. Also how would you feel if you went through a pretty hard time after surgery and he was no where to be found. She is spending her money.

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