90 day fiance biniyam and ariela

’90 Day Fiance’: Biniyam Is Clueless About Caring For Ariela And His Child

90 day fiance biniyam and ariela

90 Day Fiance: Biniyam has no clue regarding how to care for Ariela and his newborn child, Avi.

Ariela sacrificed a lot including her privileged lifestyle to be with Biniyam but her sacrifices have been ineffective since the couple has been pugnacious in recent episodes.

The couple is at loggerheads these days due to cultural differences. The American is unhappy with feeling cornered by his Ethiopian family and is expressing madness, sadness, and jealousy in the worst possible manner.

In Sunday’s episode, Ariela had to force Biniyam out of the car with Avi because he did not feel the child needed a car seat for the short ride. The viewers assented with the new mother. On arriving at their apartment, the entire family was outside ready and willing to slaughter a goat in their honor. While Ariela understood it was custom, she was dismayed and began to weep.

Fans had already watched the Jersey girl be accosted by her in-laws only hours after delivering her baby. While Ariela was trying to rest in bed, the question of baptisms came up again. Fans were appalled that her fiance did not seem to understand that she just needed rest. Biniyam kept talking about what was important to him and his culture but never paid heed to Ariela.

In a later scene, Ariela ran out of the hospital room when they tried to circumcise the baby after only a week. It all became too much for the young mother to handle. In the Jewish faith, she would also be looking into having a brit milah or a bris for him not a procedure at a third world hospital.

Adherents are conjecturing if it is too late for the couple to find some mutual understanding or if they have already moved on. 90 Day Fiance fans can watch this space for the latest news!

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  1. Third World countries Hospitals are, a lot of times, just as good or even better than the ones in USA. Such a foolish and ignorant thing to say.

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