United Airlines Passenger Dies Despite Claiming He Wasn’t Diagnosed With COVID-19


A United jet passenger was pronounced dead following an emergency landing, and the man, without an iota of doubt, had COVID-19.

This man, who was traveling along with nearly 200 other passengers, was on the plane shaking and sweating, while the jet made its way from Orlando to L.A. The situation became extremely serious and the pilot had to make an emergency landing in New Orleans.

United Airlines_1

The man couldn’t be saved by the medics who performed CPR on him. He died at a local hospital. Tony Aldapa, who was on the plane, helped to administer CPR. Aldapa gave TMZ the blow-by-blow from his own point of view as he and two other people rotated for chest compressions.

Aldapa told the outlet that they were in the air trying to keep the man alive for about an hour before touching down in NOLA, where the man was taken by waiting paramedics. A United spokesperson told the site the passenger said he was not diagnosed with COVID-19 and did not have related symptoms.

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That wasn’t true. The spokesperson revealed that during the emergency, the man’s wife was overheard saying her husband did have related symptoms, including loss of taste and smell. The incident took place last Monday, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is trying to reach out to the 179 passengers that were onboard.


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