90 day fiance hazel and tarik

’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Accuse Hazel Of Faking Her Bisexuality For Ratings

90 day fiance hazel and tarik

There’s an interesting history between Hazel Cagalitan and Tarik Myers, who have been together for a few years now.

Their relationships have been characterized by massive fights, cheating, calling it quits over a pregnancy scare, dating the same girl, and then rekindling their romance. They are back together in the United States, hoping to build a life but were surprised that Tarik would encourage Hazel’s fancies about finding her a girl,

Hazel has lived in the Philippines until now, and the society she lived in all these years isn’t very accommodating when it comes to such matters. As a result, she could never be openly bisexual and had to keep it a secret.

During her K1 visa process, Hazel often asked Tarik if he could shortlist girls for her so that she could have a girlfriend despite being in a relationship with him. It appears that Tarik is willing to do anything for her.

As he got ready for her arrival, he bought a powder blue suit, which is Hazel’s favorite color, but looked quite nervous a few hours before she landed. This was probably because they were finally meeting after dating for years or he had no idea about how to reveal that he chatted with the ex-girlfriend they both dated even after she told him not to.

Fans, however, seemed more concerned about Hazel’s storyline being scripted. “What happened to her bleeding DieHard Pentecostal religious beliefs I mean last time I checked weren’t they doing somersaults and backflips at their Church and now we have a sudden case of the bisexuals,” a fan wrote of the show’s official Facebook page.

“I’m pretty sure that would put her Pentecostal parents in the grave, things are getting a little too scripted for me I’ve done away with 90-day Fake Fiance I mean come on the storylines are off the chains scripted.” “I totally agree. I think the bisexual twist is for ratings and is not real,” the fan added. “Yeah. I don’t want to see that trash play out. I cannot believe he’s that desperate, that he would accept this,” another chimed in.

90 Day Fiance airs on TLC every Sunday 8/7c. For more details, stay tuned in to WittyScoop.

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