Whispering Woods Resort Review: Everything You Need To Know | Lonavla

Whispering Woods Resort Review: Everything You Need To Know | Lonavla

Whispering Woods Resort Review: Everything You Need To Know | Lonavla

Lonavla: Getting away from the humdrum of the fast-paced city life and routineness requires quick gateways that can help you unwind. Whispering Woods Resort enables you to achieve this transition through its meditative facilities. Teeming with natural surroundings, the resort offers a rustic, unblemished backdrop to its guests, making it an ideal spot to take time off.

Location And Amenities

Whispering Woods Resort is built in an easy-to-access location. In other words, it doesn’t require you to make frustrating travel arrangements, long planning, or cause a last-minute delay. Despite its easy accessibility, the resort offers everything you’d normally expect from long vacations and faraway destinations.

Whispering Woods Resort is only a hundred kilometers from Mumbai, in Lonavla, located in Sahyadri hills, also touted as the “queen of hill stations.” It is imperative for you to bear in mind that though Whispering Woods Resort is built in the lap of nature, there’s no dearth of modern amenities, including a play park for children, a swimming pool, a conference hall, restaurant, and indoor/outdoor games.

You can choose from three room variants including the Dormitory, Deluxe Room, and Luxury Tent. All rooms have basic features such as daily housekeeping, 24×7 room service, Wi-Fi access, LED television, and a modern bathroom with complimentary toiletries.

Dormitories allude to basic rooms available at the hotel, while Deluxe Rooms refer to elegantly designed rooms that have one double bed, a seating area, and a television. Luxury Tents, on the other hand, boasts a large sitting area, LED TV, mini bar, a bathtub, work desk, and a king-size bed.

We chose the Luxury Tent, which wasn’t only spacious, but also well-designed. We had access to a hall room with a bed, as well as a separate bedroom. The bathroom was big and clean with complimentary toiletries. There were air conditioners in the main room and the bedroom. We also had an LED TV.

Staff and Food

The staff, including the managers, are courteous and eager to help. The food and drinks section encompasses a bar, restaurant, drinking area, and even a barbeque. In terms of safety and hygiene, there are sanitizers for guests, and the property is disinfected on a regular basis, and the check-ins are contactless.

We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food is the USP of Whispering Woods Resort as patrons keep visiting the restaurant just to have meals, even if they do not plan to stay. The delicious food is paired with a well-mannered staff that ensures you have a superior experience.

Overall Experience

As someone who has been to Whispering Woods Resort a few times, each visit is surprisingly refreshing and there’s always something new to see or do. It is a great choice for family, friends, couples, and even for someone looking to spend time alone. Feel free to recommend a place you want me to visit and review in the comments section.

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