Tom Cruise Performs An Insane Airplane Stunt In Leaked Footage [Watch]

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A recently surfaced footage featuring Tom Cruise performing an insane airplane stunt is going viral, and fans can’t get enough.

The new Mission: Impossible movie looks insane in a leaked clip showing Tom Cruise performing an airplane stunt. According to a report by TMZ, it is a PSA that the 60-year-old actor filmed not long ago. 

The aforesaid clip was reportedly unveiled at CinemaCon earlier this year. Notably, this was before the Top Gun screening there in Vegas.

In the clip, Tom is standing on a biplane that’s airborne. He is holding just a rig while talking to the camera which is placed on another plane across the way.

According to Tom, he is filming the latest entry of the M:I series, which could turn out to be Dead Reckoning Pt. 2. Furthermore, the actor says he is excited to show it to people on the big screen.

Christopher McQuarrie chimes in to remind the actor that they are losing daylight and need to keep shooting. For those unaware, McQuarrie is helming Pt. 1 and Pt.1.

Tom ends the clip by saying he’ll see everyone at the movies. Then, Tom and Chris’ planes simultaneously nosedive to the left, with Tom still standing.

To recap, a photo of Tom doing something as crazy was posted earlier this year by Chris to commemorate his 60th birthday. The photo shows Tom doing another plane shot, and confirms that he is again doing his own stunts.

What do you think of TC’s onscreen feats in the ‘M:I’ franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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TOM CRUISE Mission Impossible stunt

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