‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Is Thinking About Doing Speed Dating To Meet Mr. Right

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has shed some light on her speed dating plans. TLC viewers believe she’s looking for a spouse.

Meri Brown is excited about her upcoming endeavor. Also, she shared a story about what happened before they left Vegas. 

Meri usually makes her online appearances alongside her best friend, Jennifer Sullivan on Friday nights. However, she refrains from answering any Sister Wives questions.


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Nevertheless, some of her viewers still find her online appearances pretty informative. She and Jenn usually leave those watching them laughing.

Meri Reveals What Happened Before They Left Vegas 

In a recently concluded Friday’s with Friends, Meri revealed that while the Sister Wives’ brood was getting ready to head to Flagstaff from Vegas, she had put her grandbaby dogs in doggie daycare.

They were in daycare during Meri’s trip to Vegas. So, when they were moving, she put her two granddogs, Mosby and Koda, into the daycare.

However, what she did after that left her daughter’s fiancé’, Audrey Kriss surprised. Since this was the last time the dogs were to be in that daycare, she shelled out a lot of money to host a going-away party.

The party included treats and doggie pizza for all the dogs in the daycare, as per a report by SoapDirt. So, Meri didn’t mind spending a considerable amount of money to throw the dogs a lavish party.

Meri Has Speed Dating In Her Mind?

Meri recently revealed that REO Speedwagon was one of her favorite bands. So, she got an idea while planning new events for her bed and breakfast establishment.

The Sister Wives celeb now wants to blend an 80’s inspired event with REO Speed Wagon music. She even thought about doing speed dating.

However, the original Sister Wives matriarch calls it REO Speed Dating at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. The band’s music will allow them to do the musical chair-like movement.

When the music starts, the person moves around the room. When it stops, they sit at the nearest table and end up meeting someone new.

Now, the burning question is whether her plans include speed dating for herself? Although she is still with Kody, she doesn’t have a relationship with him.

Meanwhile, fans have been urging her to find someone she can enjoy her life with. So, while that speed dating concept is still in the works, Meri might have dating on her mind.

Until then, let’s hope that the REO Speedwagon music stops just as Meri is standing next to Mr. Right. Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

Sister Wives Meri Brown

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    That sounds like a fun time. Meri you should have a Partner that cares only for you.

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