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‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Robyn Spotted Showing Off Their Moves In A Disco Bar [Watch]

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn Brown has been spotted dancing in a disco bar. Fans are now giving their opinions.

Kody Brown claims he loves all his wives. However, Sister Wives viewers know that Robyn is his favorite wife. In fact, his son Paedon believes Robyn is Kody’s soulmate.

A TLC viewer recently spotted Kody and Robyn dancing in a disco bar during a date night. The couple showed off their moves on the dance floor.

Taking to Reddit, an SW fan reposted the video with the caption, “Kody and Robyn at a Bar.” In the clip, Kody and Robyn are seen dancing at The Stillery in Chandler, Arizona.

According to the original video, Kody and Robyn were on a date night on May 24. Netizens took to the comments section to give their opinions about the video of the duo dancing.

Kody & Robyn Spotted Dancing In A Disco Bar

“That was some aggressive dancing,” one Redditor said. Another fan added, “So we can just stop pretending that he’s not fully monogamous with solely Robyn now, right?”

A third one wrote, “Fascinating that Robyn has gone from wiping down her mail to dancing unmasked in a bar now that she’s successfully destroyed the family and has Kody all to herself…”

“I can imagine being Meri or Jenelle or even Christine and seeing this and feeling a little stab in my heart,” one fan wrote about Robyn having Kody all to herself. 

“Even though they all know that he’s clearly chose Robyn as his #1 and Kody is NO prize it still has to hurt seeing them so “in love” and on a date.”

It was barely surprising to see Kody and Robyn out on a date night. Not too long ago, Christine left Kody after over 28 years of marriage and moved back to Utah.

Now, Kody has three wives after Christine split. However, his relationship with Robyn is the strongest. Notably, his relationship with his first wife, Meri is mere a platonic friendship.

Further, he and his second wife, Janelle have spent very little time together since the coronavirus. Kody has been spending most of his time with Robyn, leading some fans to believe he’s almost in a monogamous marriage now.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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