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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Explains What Led To His & Christine’s Split

Kody Brown has revealed what went wrong in his and Christine Brown’s romance during Sister Wives sit-down.

Part two of the Sister Wives One-on-One special will air on Feb. 20 on TLC. In a sneak peek of the upcoming special, Kody Brown shed more light on what led to his and Christine’s split.

Kody Brown Opens Up About His Split From Christine

First off, Kody admitted that he had never seen Christine’s version of the events in the past. According to Kody, his unwillingness to work on their intimacy sparked breakup rumors with his ex, as per a report by E! Online.

“My perspective of that experience was she came to me and she said, ‘Hey, we did this work on the house. Wasn’t that for our intimacy?'” he says in the clip. 

“And I went, ‘No, it was just stuff we needed to do.’ And she goes, ‘Well, are we going to be intimate again?'”

However, Kody says since he did not give a definitive answer, it didn’t imply he was not willing to be intimate with Christine again.

“I was at a point where I wanted her to address the rumors that I’ve been hearing from the kids,” Kody says. He added, “that she was threatening to leave. That discussion that she just had to her video journal, never happened with me.”

Nevertheless, he admitted that he did not want to be intimate with Christine at that time. This was because he viewed her as “somebody who was basically stabbing me in the back.”

Kody Brown Admits He Never Asked Christine For Clarity

“Help me understand why you would never reach out to her and tell her why you’re so hurt by that,” host Sukanya Krishnan asked the Brown patriarch.

“FOMO. Fear of missing out. If we really have this conversation, how frank are we going to get? I don’t want her to leave,” Kody replies.

Further in the clip, he surprisingly admits that he never told Christine that he wanted her to stay. Christine announced her split from Kody in Nov. after more than 25 years together.

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives,” she wrote on social media, “as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family. At this time, we ask for your grace and kindness as we navigate through this stage within our family.”

Sister Wives One-on-One: Part 2 airs Sunday on TLC. Watch this space for the latest reality TV news and updates!

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