'Sister Wives': Paedon Talks About Growing Up With Dad Kody Brown

‘Sister Wives’: Christine’s Son Paedon Answers 20+ Questions Including Kody’s Vaccination Status

“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown’s son Paedon, 23 went live on TikTok Tuesday and answered fans’ hot questions.

“Kody is not currently vaccinated,” Paedon said during TikTok Live, a fan confirmed the same on Reddit. He also shared that he doesn’t speak with his father often.

Paedon also disclosed that he is not close with Meri or Robyn. He is very close with Janelle. Spent a lot of time at Janelle’s house growing up as he hung out a lot with his brothers.

He does consider Robyn as a mom, but they currently have a strained relationship. He stated it is strained because he was mean to her children when they were kids. Paedon said he pushed them and told them they were not his real siblings.

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The family moved to flagstaff for many reasons, but Robyn was a “big reason” they moved there. Christine told him in person that she was leaving Kody and his reaction was, “good for you mom”.

None of the other siblings are mad Christine left, but then he stated maybe Robyn’s kids are mad. Moreover, he shared that Christine is not dating anyone.

Kody has a job, but they do not discuss it on the show. He said that involves things that people didn’t like when it was brought up on the show in the past, and resulted in negative reactions.

Mykelti and Tony were renting two rooms in their home to tenants. One was kicked out so Paedon could live there. He lived there for 1 year. Logan is getting married in October, it will not be filmed.

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Paedon shows his emotions with physical touch and spoke about how the “Devil’s Tango” is important to him in relationships. He and Gwen have a strained relationship. When he was around 16 years old he slapped her and now she is afraid of him.

Mariah is still planning on getting married. He is not sure he will be invited as they had a falling out. He had a stress-cold sore during his live session. He doesn’t think Meri will leave Kody.

He thinks Robyn is Kody’s soul mate, and he is hers, and he cannot be mad that they picked each other. Janelle is still living in Flagstaff. Truley is doing very well with moving away from Kody.

There is no custody agreement through Court, Kody and Christine are just working it out amongst themselves. No houses have been started on Coyote Pass.

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Paedon stated that only Janelle and his mom understood the sister-wife assignment. He was asked if Christine and Robyn were still friends. He paused a long time then stated he was not going to answer that.

If you had a chance to ask Paedon questions, what would you ask? Let us know your questions in the comments section. For more updates on “Sister Wives,” keep watching this space.

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  1. Julia Stephenson

    Has Kody been a father that was present emotionally and physically? Did he consider Kody to have favorites between his siblings ?

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