‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Spends ‘Longest Playtime’ With Avalon After Kody Split [Photos]

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“Sister Wives” star Christine Brown shared a series of photos featuring her granddaughter named Avalon following her split with Kody Brown, noting that this was the “longest playtime” she had.

“Possibly the longest playtime I’ve had with Avalon!” She captioned the photos posted on Instagram Saturday, before noting how “wonderful” Fantasy Board Toy is, adding, “You can personalize yours with colors, size and name!”


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Fans took to the comments section to share their love and support towards Christine and her granddaughter.

“You look so happy Christine! Adorable Avalon,” one of the fans wrote while another fan commented, “Love this! Can you tell what size this one is? I’m glad you are in Utah with your grand baby!”

“Love to see you happy beautiful Christine! We are rooting for a show with you and to see you thrive!” a fan wrote. Another one added, “You are a strong independent women living your best life. All the Best as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Avalon is adorable.”

The comments section was flooded with many more similar comments.

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Not too long ago, Sister Wives stars Christine Brown and Kody Brown announced their split, leaving fans wondering how’d they end their marriage. Christine and Kody announced their breakup on their Instagram page back in November 2021. After splitting from Kody, Christine moved back to Utah after selling her house in the Brown family’s home base of Flagstaff, Arizona.

What do you think about their split and Christine moving on in her life without Kody? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, watch this space for the latest Sister Wives news. The popular show airs on the TLC network every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

'Sister Wives': Christine Brown Spends 'Longest Playtime' With Avalon After Kody Split [Photos]

1 thought on “‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Spends ‘Longest Playtime’ With Avalon After Kody Split [Photos]”

  1. I am so proud of you Kristine…….. enjoy life for a change without having to explain why you need and want to…….. Life is yours to have…. you have a family without him that will not ever change…….. He used religion and covid and countless other things to Abandone you and other wives and children….. and it will prob happen to Robin too….. Plural marriage no only been one marriage if you ask me and it was with his Robin not any of the other wives and that is just sad……. so this is a good thing accept what you cannot change and at this point who would want it to be with him at this point………. Go live your life and go enjoy it be happy find real love with a man that doesnt believe love should be multiplied not divided which is a joke in itself……… prayers hun so happy u left………. xxoo You might still be alone or be Mom and Dad but least now you rule your own life and when a real man comes along you will find happiness……..it is out there to find ………

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