‘My Five Wives’ Star Brady Might Have Revealed Why ‘Sister Wives’ Patriarch Kody Practices Plural Marriage

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Comment by My Five Wives star Brady Williams appears to target the Brown family of the TLC reality TV show Sister Wives

TLC has been riding high on the success of Sister Wives for quite some time now. The network tried to take advantage of the show’s skyrocketing popularity by presenting more polygamy-centric reality TV programs. 

Much to TLC’s chagrin, My Five Wives, which revolved around the Williams family, failed to rise to the same level of popularity as Sister Wives. However, the Williams family’s patriarch Brady Williams still has a deep understanding of the practice of plural marriage.

In an interview, Williams confessed that a considerable number of polygamists do not marry for love. This statement seems to coincide with what Sister Wives fans have been suspecting about the Brown family.

Do Polygamists Marry For Love? Brady Says, They Usually Don’t

Brady appeared on My Five Wives for a short period along with his five wives. The show featuring this supersized family only lasted a couple of seasons.

However, Williams attributes the show’s failure to a lack of drama in his family. Since the show went off the air, the Williams family has tried to stay out of the spotlight.

Nevertheless, some of the comments Brady made during the interview could apply to the Brown family that rose to popularity through TLC\s reality TV series Sister Wives

During his appearance on The Jimmy Rex Show, Williams said that polygamy isn’t generally about love.

Talking on the podcast that features people living extraordinary lives, he admitted that most polygamists don’t marry for love. Instead, he claims that about 90 – 95 percent of polygamist marriages happen due to religious purposes.

Aside from this, he revealed that the Apostolic United Brethren suggest that a man will be as powerful in the afterlife as many wives he has.

Interestingly, the Browns belong to the same fundamentalist sect. 

Paedon Brown Thinks His Dad Kody Married Only Once For Love

Kody has four wives, and his fourth wife Robyn seems to change everything in the Brown family. In fact, many SW fans blame her for the Brown family’s problems. 

However, Paedon doesn’t blame her. In fact, he thinks Robyn is the only one Kody actually loves, calling her his dad’s soulmate in an interview with Us Weekly.

In other words, there is a possibility that Kody doesn’t really love his other wives. To recall, even Kody has admitted that he isn’t “in love” with some of his partners.

Watch this space for the latest updates on Sister Wives!

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5 thoughts on “‘My Five Wives’ Star Brady Might Have Revealed Why ‘Sister Wives’ Patriarch Kody Practices Plural Marriage”

  1. I think you should…
    #1. Make a new show about “sister wives: moving on”
    #2. Ditch Kody and Robyn completely! (Let ’em waller I’m it like pigs in the mud!)
    #3. Janelle, Christine and Meri need to sue him for spousal/child support where applicable. Make him pay them since they were all truly considered common law. He owes them.
    #4. Bring back Brady and his 5 wives!! I loved them. I know there were tense times with them, but they communicated and worked it out. Also, they were all living connected just like the Browns did when they were a happy productive family.
    #5. Meri should’ve adopted or had a surrogate for another child. She’s had a hole in her life because she would have wanted another child.
    Ok. All done!!

  2. I like the Williams family… I think their great..I’d like to see SW dumped and my5wives back….

  3. Kody was born selfish too, you have to that into account. He has never considered the feelings of his first 3 wives or their children.

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