'90 Day Fiance': Mahogany Gives Incorrect Address To Ben; Fans React

’90 Day Fiance:’ Ben Reveals The Serious Consequences Of His Arrest

Ben Rathbun from the 90 Day Fiance claims that he lost his job for hiding details about his recent arrest.  Read on to know more!

90 Day Fiance star Ben Rathbun was arrested after a homeless couple spiked his wine from his workplace and family. The reality TV personality has been drawing flak from 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days viewers following his appearance on season 5. 

Benjamin, 52, gained a bad name after pursuing 22-year-old student Mahogany Roca on the show. To make things worse, he was arrested in connection to a 2020 arrest OUI and suspended license.

After his arrest, Benjamin got fired from the Michigan Lupus Foundation, where he worked in a director position. On March 15, he was busted for a probation violation after failing to appear for a hearing, and the judge issued a bench warrant.

The Michigan Lupus Foundation released a statement announcing Ben’s departure. Shortly after losing his job, Ben spoke to InTouch about his arrest and subsequent firing.

Ben Reveals He Was Fired From His Job

“When the public, including the board members of my charity, first heard of my arrest, [it was] falsely reported that I had been picked up late at night for drunk driving,” he explained.

“While the truth was far less dramatic, the damage had been done,” he added. 

Moreover, Ben has admitted that he has committed a crime, putting himself and others in danger. “I had hid it from them and even my family,” he confessed. 

Ben claims that he went to help a homeless couple living at a Red Roof Inn back in September 2020. Further, he says that the couple offered him a “little plastic cup of wine” that he “stupidly accepted.” 

Ben accuses them of apparently spiking his drink. After drinking the win, he felt “so tired” that he had to stop at a hotel for the night. Moreover, Ben said, he was “completely lost the next 24 hours.”

Ben Reveal What Led To His Arrest

While trying to drive home the next day, Ben says he “hit the curb disabling my car.” Also, the police did not find any alcohol despite using a breathalyzer on him.

However, a blood test showed that he had flubromazolam in his system. In January 2021, Ben was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

The court allowed him to move to a different state but sent a summons for his hearing in February to the wrong address. It was too late by the time he found out, but he did turn himself in to spend a night in jail.

Now, Ben is looking for a new job. He wants to work in a place of service where he can help people with his talent. In the meantime, his stint on 90 Day Fiance is on the verge of ending, with his final episode coming up on Sunday.

It is unclear whether Mahogany has cut ties after his arrest. Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance updates!

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