Meghan Markle Thought Royal Courtiers Were Planning To Harm Her Reputation

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After their royal farewell tour in the United Kingdom, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shifted to Canada and then moved to Los Angeles in mid-March, taking the public by surprise.

If a report from the Sunday Times Magazine is anything to go by, the couple’s friends were already aware of their plan to return to Meghan’s hometown. One of their friends told Vanity Fair correspondent Katie Nicholl that Canada was never going to be their home. The big plan, at least for Meghan was returning to Los Angeles.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Soon after tieing the wedding knot, Harry and Meghan began looking for a house in California, a source told Nicholl. Meghan was always bent on spending a major portion of her time in her home country, but it wasn’t until Mar. 14 of this year the couple confirmed it as they left Vancouver Island in a secret operation in actor Tyler Perry’s private jet.

Meghan and Harry took full advantage of the privacy until they could. Once they reached in L.A., Meghan reportedly took her husband for a drive around her hometown, showing him the house she was raised and even her preschool. This was just a couple of days before the paparazzi discovered where the couple was holed up.

While currently staying in Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion, sources say Meghan and Harry are looking for a new house that enables them to stay away from all the attention they are getting in Hollywood. Aside from that, they want to give their son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor a normal life.

These reasons seem understandable, however, Page Six suggests the real reason Meghan wanted to leave the U.K. was that she believed there was a conspiracy devised against her by the royal family after she moved into Kensington Palace after marrying Prince Harry.

Markle was afraid that the palace’s courtiers were trying to rundown her reputation because she adopted an American style of management after moving into Frogmore Cottage. As a result, Markle isolated herself when they moved to Frogmore, a friend revealed.

It looks like Markle felt like an outsider from the beginning. This was neither the life she was used to nor the life she wanted, the source revealed. She understandably started missing her mom and her friends in Los Angeles. Meghan’s financial independence encouraged Harry to leave royals and flee the United Kingdom for California.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

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