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Meghan Markle May Have Helped Prince Harry To Write His Powerful Speech About Princess Diana: Royal Expert

Prince Harry wrote his power-packed speech about his late mother Princess Diana “with his wife Meghan Markle’s help,” according to a royal expert.

Prince Harry paid tribute to the Princess of Wales by delivering a powerful speech. Young leaders were motivated by Harry’s speech before the statue of his late mother was unveiled. The Duke of Sussex advised them to fearlessly stand up for what they believe in.

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On July 1, William and Harry unveiled a memorial statue of their late mother. It would have been her 60th birthday.

Princess Diana statue Unveiling

Royal expert Angela Levin was asked whether she believed that the statue would put an end to the brothers’ feud on the weekday morning program Good Morning Britain, per GeoTV.

Levin seemed skeptical while telling the host Adil Ray and Kate Garraway that, “In theory, I think everyone would love that to happen but in practise that’s not going to happen.”

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She even shared her opinion about Harry’s speech ahead of the unveiling, saying that it “sounded as though it was Meghan speaking.” In his speech, Harry said, “our mum believed that young people have the power to change the world.”

“She believed in your strength, because she saw it day in and day out. And in the faces of young people exactly like you, she witnessed a boundless enthusiasm and passion, and I, too, see those same values shine through.”  

Harry and William remained peaceful at the unveiling of the statue of their mom Princess Diana.

Princess Diana statue Prince Harry and William

According to some reports, Harry has already returned to California to reunite with Meghan Markle and their kids. He reportedly conveyed love and greetings to Lili and Archie from the royal family.

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  1. Richola Polston

    I am so confused as to why it’s praised that Kate can stick her nose into everyone’s affairs,especially William and HARRY’s but EVERYTHING MEGHAN DOES IS CALLED CONTROLLING? Can anyone explain that? MEGHAN is the most well-known, most educated, has lived in both cultural worlds, is able to help her husband navigate how to meet & greet people, although Harry’s warm, winning personality, infectious ? smile just gets you every time. William always looks like he has hemorrhoids and Kate should be holding the preparation H. They both look so uncomfortable with each other. So, why is KATE the woman who is now called the peacemaker and wasted so much time she could have used perfecting this suddenly great ? gift who really hasn’t done anything except marry William & bare him three children in a ten year marriage. What exactly has Kate accomplished? She calls Charles Grandpa (big whoop). She is stiff as a board. Really has basically no personality. So why is she on the GOODSHIP LOLLIOOP ? & MEGHAN WHO CLEARLY HAS A GREAT ? PERSONALITY IS THE CALLED THE DEVIL’S SPAWN & PEOPLE SAYING HARRY SHOULD HAVE MARRIED CHELSY & CRESIDA? WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THOSE TWO EXCEPT THEY ARE WHITE & MEGHAN IS MIXED? WHY DO THE ENGLISH HATE HER? BECAUSE SHE & HARRY EVIDENTLY LOVE EACH OTHER AND WHY IS IT SO AWFUL THAT HE LISTENS TO & VALUES HER OPINION? ISN’T THAT WHAT MARRIED PEOPLE DO? LISTEN & SHARE? DOES WILLIAM AND KATE SHARE ANYTHING EXCEPT HER PUSHING HIM & HARRY TOGETHER? IF SHE WANTS THEM TO ACT CIVIL MAYBE SHE SHOULD TEACH HER HUSBAND SOME RESPECT.

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