Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Vacation Mode On WhatsApp

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whatsapp vacation mode 2020

WhatsApp’s recently introduced feature dubbed the vacation mode has piqued everyone’s interest, but it barely seems like a vacation at all.

Facebook’s popular cross-platform messaging app’s latest beta was just made available on the Google Play Store, and a third-party blog,, monitoring the app’s developments, claims it is quite interesting. The blog suggests the recently rolled out beta comprises a new feature called Vacation Mode.

whatsapp vacation mode 2020_2

According to the blog, the new feature will apparently be made available with one of the app’s future updates for both Android, as well as iOS users. The feature will archive texts as they arrive, and will keep them archived so you will not receive a notification when you are on a vacation. It cancels WhatsApp’s usual tactic of un-archiving any of these chats with a new message.

WhatsApp Vacation Mode_3

While the blog doesn’t reveal when this WhatsApp feature will be made available to users, the beta already has the new tab specifically for these archived or muted, chats, meaning, it is likely to roll out soon. Stay tuned in here for the latest tech news.


whatsapp vacation mode 2020

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