Former ’90 Day Fiance’ Star, Larissa Lima Shares Details About The Show With Her Fans

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90 day fiance Larissa Lima-min

Former 90 Day Fiance star Larissa Lima spilled the beans about the show during an Instagram Q&A with her followers. In her Instagram Stories, Larissa said that she is thinking about whether or not she should reveal the truth about the hit reality show.

Without pointing fingers at any company or producer, Larissa alleged that the producers force you to fight against other cast members. If the cast members protest what the producers tell them to do, they lose the option to be in a new season. Larissa asked fans to empathize with her. Also, she claims that coupled with allegedly being told to attack other cast members until someone bleeds, made the reunion special heartbreaking.

One fan wrote, “I wish TLC didn’t fire you.” Lima responded to the fan by saying that being let go from the reality show is for the best and that she can deal with the most critical part of her immigration journey in peace.

On Larissa’s social media, fans relentlessly kept questioning about her surgeries. And Larissa is quite open about the fact that she gets plastic surgery. Fans may notice that she regularly documents various cosmetic procedures on her Instagram. One fan asked how is she affording all these surgeries? To which she gave a simple, single-word answer: “Working.”

Another question that fans have asked is, “Why did you guys move to Colorado?” Simply put Larissa Lima says that “we wanted to try something different than we’re used to seeing in Vegas.” Another adherent asked about the cost of living in Colorado. Lima told the fan that living in Colorado is very expensive.

Although Larissa Lima is no longer a part of the hit reality show, she still has a very active presence on social media platforms. Hopefully, things work out for her in Colorado and with her immigration process. Watch this space for the latest 90 Day fiance news.

90 day fiance Larissa Lima-min

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