rose marie vega 90 day fiance

’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Marie Vega Gives Fans A Brief Glimpse Of Her New Home [Video]


rose marie vega 90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Rose Marie Vega showed her new house by uploading pictures of it. Vega’s new accommodation is a work in progress.

Builders are currently working on it. She showed off everything going on with her new space. Vega said that she is being patient as everything slowly builds up. It appears to be a big project and there are a lot of people working hard on it. The house also seems to have a modern feel.

Things are still a long way from being finished based on where things are currently. Earlier in the show, Big Ed Brown slammed Rose Marie Vega’s home when he stayed with her in the Philippines. He despised the leaky roof and the electrical wiring.

rose marie vega new home

Recently, Big Ed uploaded a picture where he is seen with her “bride”. Fans thought that he moved on. Additionally, he seemed to throw shade at Rose Marie Vega in the process. He trolled his fans by saying that his new bride wants to have 10 kids. A majority of the viewers didn’t comprehend the joke.

In Season 4, Rose wanted to be a mother and was obstinate about it. However, Ed didn’t want kids as he had a vasectomy and didn’t inform this to Rose. Thus, due to their conflicting views, they got separated. His considering kids with this new woman could be a joke. From the picture that Ed had posted, it seemed that he was taking a jab at his ex-girlfriend.

Currently, Rose Marie Vega has a lot of things going for her right now (2). Since the time she left Big Ed, she didn’t look back. With a new home and several other projects keeping her busy, it’s clear she keeps Ed in her rear-view. Watch this space for the latest 90 Day Fiance news!

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  1. Why is she showing us this? I see hard working men but I have no idea what they are doing? I can’t make out any kind of room or what’s what. I’m happy for her but this was a waste of time. All I’m seeing is junk and dirt. IMO

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