‘Keep Expectations Reasonable’: Bob Odenkirk Says After Giving Health Update

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Bob Odenkirk took to Twitter on Saturday to announce that he is “doing great.” However, he urged fans to keep their expectations reasonable.

I am doing great,” he tweeted. “I’ve had my very own “It’s a wonderful life” week of people insisting I make the world slightly better. Wow! Thank you, I love everyone right now but let’s keep expectations reasonable!”

The fans took to the comments section immediately to share their reactions.

One of the fans recalled when he met Odenkirk in person, “I met @mrbobodenkirk in Chicago years ago when I was a struggling improviser. I couldn’t believe how nice he was. I said, “Mr. Odenkirk, you’re the reason I’m here right now,” and he said, “Thanks, kid, but Mr. Odenkirk was my father. Call me Mr. Show.” I’ll never forget that.” the same fan further added, “And, TBH, I never tell this part of the story because I don’t know how to feel about it. I said “I really like your work on Better Call Saul.” And he said, “Better Call Saul was my father. Better call me just Saul.” And this was years before he was even on that show. Crazy.”

Another fan shared a really cool looking montage of the actor:

Author and producer, Melissa Jo Peltier also commented, “You deserve every warm fuzzy you ever get. You’re what proves the whole “precious actor” Hollywood stereotype wrong. Glad you & your family can relax a bit…don’t rush back to work. You are YOURSELF, not your career identity.”

The tweet came after the 57-year-old actor revealed last Saturday that he had gone through a “small heart attack.

“I had a small heart attack. But I’m going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery,” he wrote on July 31. “Also, AMC and SONYs support and help throughout this has been next-level. I’m going to take a beat to recover but I’ll be back soon.”

Bob Odenkirk Reveals After Stable Condition

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